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Founded in 1987
Hidalgo #223
Chapala, Jalisco,
Mexico 45900
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By Kay Davis

January 2009

      Happy New Year! We have partied, and now it’s time to start a quieter celebration, beginning with New Year resolutions, if you do that, or start a diet if you do that! I’m going for more walks. Maybe I can borrow a neighbor’s dog to get me out.
      Events are listed by date, like a calendar. Some organizations offer multiple events or dates, and these items appear at the end of the column.
      Centro Sol y Luna Gallery displayed artwork by Columbian Carlos Fernando Gomez-Herrera throughout the month of December. Their gallery is at Calle Rio Bravo #10A in Ajijic. The oils and acrylics represent two distinct styles: figurative scenes with a stroke of impressionism and diptych abstracts.

Man with Newspaper

      December 5 the Gonzales Gallo Cultural Center (the Old Train Station in Chapala) presented original works for guitar by Philip Rosheger. Mr. Rosheger, who studied with Andrés Segovia, is not only a guitarist but a composer as well. He had been playing guitar only 10 years when he won first place in the International Guitar Competition in Spain, the first American to do so. This performance was enthusiastically received by a standing-room only audience. All presentations at the cultural center are free to the public.

Philip Rosheger, guitarist

      December 7 the Lake Chapala Baptist Church hosted a Christmas celebration called Warm Hearts, Warm Friends. It was all that and more. The celebration was musical, starting with the Trombone Quartet, followed by The Harmonizers of Lakeside, who sing a cappella (without musical accompaniment), a duet of guitar and songster Jerry and Leanna Spear, a solo by Patrick DuMouchel doing O Holy Night, lending a sense of peace, and wrapping up with the church choir, with one piece that stole everyone’s hearts: “Go Light Your World” with Alex Flores, soloist. The last piece was highlighted with candles passed out by young ladies who danced while Alex sang. Nice way to welcome the holidays.

The Harmonizers of Lakeside

      December 11 at 10 a.m. began the voting at Lake Chapala Society. The gates opened at 9:30 a.m. People lined up to sign in. Speakers had three minutes each to state their point of view for retaining or recalling (removing) the three board members who were shown on the petitions for recall. Then voting took place very quickly. There was a delay while the votes were tallied. Here are the results:

                                                  Retain        Recall    % of Votes to Recall
       Diane Miller, Director #3                       244           60                40%
       Rick Feldmann, Director #2       187         214                53%
       Nancy Creevan, President         219         185                47%

      But the 2/3 required for a recall was NOT based on the number of votes cast (404) but on the number of ballots issued and therefore signed up to vote, 450. On that count, no one was recalled. Based on Robert’s Rules of Order, a ballot issued and not cast is presumed to favor the status quo. In this case the incumbents remain in office. Some members thought the results should be based on only the votes cast, but Robert’s Rules of Order are followed whenever LCS by-laws do not specifically cover the situation.
      Two men in uniform arrived at the back patio around 1:35 while members waited for the vote tallies. I was told they were there to collect the votes cast although the LCS President had already announced that the votes would be kept under lock and key.
      There was some speculation that LCS money could also be seized on the supposition that misuse of funds might occur, but it was uncertain where this claim might have arisen. With 1.1 million in the bank, seizing those funds would most likely constitute a take over. But this did not occur. Someone of authority, also in uniform, arrived and told the two other men in uniform to leave the grounds. It was my understanding that they had no legal right to be there under those circumstances.
      Once the tally was announced, many people left. It was time for the Annual General Meeting, which proceeded well and was reasonably short. Nancy Creevan, President, apologized to the membership for errors made by the board during the past year, such as not reporting problems sooner or dealing with the layoffs earlier and more graciously.
      How much pressure should be put upon any qualified and well intentioned volunteers? This has been going on all year for the board, most specifically since October. And it may not be over yet. Stay tuned.
      Lake Chapala Society, January 23 at 4:30 p.m. on the back patio, there will be a play-reading on The Perfect Alibi, an original and intriguing murder mystery by Michael Warren. Drinks are at 4 p.m. and Curtain Up is at 4:30. The program is a fund-raiser for the Music Appreciation Society (MAS).  Tickets at 100 pesos which includes your first drink will be on sale at LCS Tickets, Etc. Monday through Saturday 10-12:15 from January 14 till the morning of the show.
      Readers are (in order of appearance) Neal Checkoway, Roseann Wilshere, Jim Collums, Michael McLaughlin, Ken Yakiwchuk, Cindy Paul, Jeritza McCarter, Harry Walker, Jim Tipton, and Carol Ann Owers.  Michael Warren will narrate. Space is limited. Come see this unique event, and support MAS too.
      On January 9 at 10 a.m. The Lakeside Association of Fraccionamientos and Condos (LAFC) will have a presentation by Luis Enrique Ramos Bustillos, Notario Publico 2, Chapala, who gave a well received talk in October with reference to condos. He will continue this discussion with emphasis on Fraccs. Any Fraccionamiento or Condo may send a representative to this meeting, which will be held at the Vista del Lago Country Club. Attendees may stay for lunch following the meeting. The food is excellent and the prices are reasonable. Lunch is a good opportunity to discuss the material presented with others and to become acquainted with those in other associations.
      The LAFC is a group made up of predominately board members of Fracc’s and Condos. There are no dues and the Association has no budget. Members gather once every two months to listen to a speaker and discuss mutual problems. The club needs an estimate of attendees to set the meeting room, and the chef needs an estimate of how many to feed. Please e-mail Bob Benson at rabensonmx@yahoo.com if you are planning to attend.
      December 10 – 14 was Festival de Luces (Festival of Lights) Chapala 2008, a five-day fireworks festival. This festival showcased modern pyrotechnics and traditional Mexican fireworks like the Castillo (castle), or like the fire-spewing bull sculptures, each an intricate combination of mechanics, fireworks and artistry. There were both daytime and nighttime shows. Roughly 200,000 people attended. Even with a pass for seating, I was unable to attend the opening night, but I heard it was fabulous, and I hope many of you saw it.
      - The American Legion greets the new year:
      - January 1 is a Rose Bowl event - game at 3 p.m., grill open at 2
      - January 2, 11 a.m., is the auxiliary executive board meeting
      - January 3, 10 – 12, US Consulate and Social Security
      - January 7, starting at 9 a.m. is the Arts & Crafts Fair
      - January 10, 2:30 p.m., is the Legion E board meeting
      - January 11, 11 a.m., auxiliary general meeting and lunch at Roberto’s at 1 p.m.
      - January 12, DIF kids’ bus trip to Guadalajara zoo
      - January 13, 11 a.m., is the legion general meeting
      - January 15, 17, & 28, 12 – 3, is the Legion Grill with the “best burgers Lakeside.” Regular $35 pesos, cheeseburger $40 pesos, all with salad and beans. Pie is available for dessert at $28 pesos.
      For more information, contact the American Legion, Dan Williams 765-2259 or for matters re the auxiliary, contact Anita Wikum 765-4342.
      Lakeside Little Theater starts the year off on January 17 with Michael Hollinger’s comedy Incorruptible, directed by Larry King. The action takes place in a 13th century monastery looking to replace a “Saint” who has not performed a miracle in 13 years. You will laugh at the foibles and triumphs of the Monks as they try to solve this problem. It’s up to you to decide whether “the end justifies the means.” The play runs through January 25. For ticket information contact Paula McTavish at 766-0954 (leave message) or mctavish@prodigy.net.mx.
      Auditions for Norm Foster’s Looking will be held at the LLT Friday, January 23 and Saturday, January 24 at 10 a.m. sharp, sign in at 9:30. The director is Bob Coull who is looking for two men and two women. For more information or scripts, contact Trish Conner at 766-5233 or email bobcoull@hotmail.com.

      Open Circle at LCS on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m.:
                   Jan  4   Adriana Perez - The Mayan Calendar
                   Jan 11  Tony Burton - Mexico’s Indigenous People
                   Jan 18  Charlie Fagan
                   Jan 25  Todd Stong - practical community solutions

      Music Appreciation Society (MAS) 2008-9 season offers five more concerts. Note dates and program.
      Jan. 13  Duo Petrof (Piantists Vlada Vassilieva, Anatoly Zatin)
      Jan. 23  Play reading: “The Perfect Alibi” at LCS (see above)
      Feb. 3  The Medina-Gracián Guitar Duo
      Feb. 17        Boris Zarankin, Inna Perkis, pianists play
      Mar. 17        The New Pacific Trio
      Apr. 7          Youth Choir A Capella from Guadalajara sing
      All performances are at 7:30 pm, Auditorio in La Floresta.
      Prices for Season Tickets are 1500, 1200 and 1000 pesos, averaging only 214, 171 or 142 pesos per concert, reserved seats. For more information on individual concerts, contact Bev Denton at 765 – 6409 or email bjely49@hotmail.com. MAS accepts US dollar and peso checks made out to Music Appreciation Society, AC and thanks you for your continued support.
      VIVA La Musical offers bus trips to four concerts of the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra Spring Season at $1,000 pesos for members, $1,200 pesos for non-members. Individual concerts will be $275 pesos per person.
                   Feb. 13, 8:30 p.m.        Beethoven & Smetana
                   Feb. 20, 8:30 p.m.        Beethoven &Schumann
                   Mar. 1, 12:30 p.m.        Beethoven & Mozart
                   Mar. 6,  8:30 p.m.         Stravinsky & Rachmaninoff
      March 25-28 is possible trip to San Miguel de Allende for a Baroque Music Festival. Also there may be a bus trip to Mexico City to see the opera Cinderella, by the Metropolitan Opera of NYC on a big theater screen. Both of these are contingent upon your showing enough interest. Contact Rosemary Keeling, 766-1801, rosemarykeeling@hotmail.com.
      January 18 – VIVA Membership Gala – more in the January update
      When my heart longs for the smell of sea air, I go to the beach. This month I learned of a B&B in Puerto Vallarta, average room rates and a variety of art workshops. It is called Hacienda Mosaico, and it is located conveniently close to downtown and even closer to the beach. Yet it is quiet. Check out their website at haciendamosaico.com. Costs per workshop are listed.

      Often Lakesiders travel to learn more about Mexico. Here’s an interesting tidbit. San Rodrigo Aguilar Alemán, attached to a seminary near Sayula, was hanged on October 28, 1927 and then canonized on May 21, 2000. A statue was then erected in front of the church, showing him holding a Bible in one hand and a cross in the other to demonstrate his faith. His left foot rests upon a stump, depicting triumph over death.
      Why was a dedicated priest executed? Awaiting soldiers coming to arrest “radical” students, Father Aguilar Alemán remained behind to burn the list of students to protect them from being identified. When the soldiers demanded his identity, he told them only that he was a priest. He was taken to the main square of Ejutla, where the seminary was located. He publicly forgave his killers. Then a soldier gave him a chance to save himself by giving the “right” answer to the question, “Who lives?” Father Aguilar Alemán would be spared if he simply said, “Long live the supreme government.”
      Instead he replied, “Christ the King and Our Lady of Guadalupe.” The noose that had been secured to a mango tree was tightened and relaxed twice. Each time he was asked the same question and each time he gave the same response. The third time the noose was tightened, he died.
      Why was he then canonized? It is believed that he was a saint for he put God at the centre of his life, made seeking and extending His kingdom the purpose of his existence, and because his deeds spoke of total love for the Lord and for his brethren. Triumph over death certainly and a symbol of human integrity.