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Founded in 1987
Hidalgo #223
Chapala, Jalisco,
Mexico 45900
Tels. (376) 765-2877,
Fax (376) 765-3528





















































































































































Tod Jonson
Ektor Carranza

May 2008

     As Ajijic’s annual first class production of the Easter Pageant 2008 came off without a hitch, this image of our Lord was left behind. The streets were crowded more so this year than ever, and the event became more touching and memorable. This year a group of Lakesiders went to San Miguel de Allende to view their rendition. Reviews were as spectacular as our own.  
     Pomp Aplenty for El Papa!  A small army of the faithful prepped, primped and practiced for Pope Benedict XVI’s Washington, D.C. first time arrival. Seven of our Lakesiders went either to Washington, DC or to New York (the Pope’s second stop) to catch a glimpse of the Holy Father in person. Let’s hope they have stories to tell when they return. His appearance at the National Park Stadium was a full HOME RUNNER for some 46,000 people, as was the 50,000 faithful in Yankee Stadium.

      WEIGH TO GO!  Exercise class at LCS:  Mexico was recently listed as the second ‘people-fattest’ in a country following closely behind the United States.  Heart disease is running rampant and can be traced to overweight. Overweight takes you away for the long ride much faster than you can possibly imagine. Read up on heart disease and you will be shaken into believing a diet can be a man’s best friend outside the animal kingdom.  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 to 10 am, you can have a free exercise class and walk away lighter than when you arrived. Open to all members, non-members, and all nationalities.  Go for the loss.....it’s the one thing that doesn’t cost you.

     Head to the top of Ajijic’s hottest hub by using an elevator.  Anne Dyer, that imaginative developer of things to do and enjoy, has created the Happiness Garden on the roof of her La Plaza Montaña complex where the highway meets Ajijic’s biggest artery, Calle Colón. 
     80 years of memorials with a salute in the form of a gold coin. We thought maybe you might like to see a copy of the medal that is being presented to the Carranza Family at the 80th Memorial Services in Mt. Holley, N.J. on July 13. Not often a medal is struck honoring a member of a family who has two relatives living at Lakeside. If you happen to be in the NYC-NJ area in July, let Ektor (766-1981) know and he will have an invitation delivered to you. ceremonies. 
     Don’t get ‘Lost in the Shuffle’ ~~~ play cards. There are super bridge clubs here at Lakeside that are looking for really good players. So step up, be counted, and start playing. Most details can be acquired by contacting Lake Chapala Duplicate Bridge Club one block east of Maskaras Clinic on the carretera in Riberas del Pilar, or www.chapalabridge.com. They meet Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fridays at 1:15 pm.

     If you want to step up to bigger games by playing with slot machines the opportunity is NOW right at your elbow. A LCS Board Member went into Guadalajara to discuss with TWIN LIONS CASINO about bringing Lakesiders into town for an afternoon of playing their slot machines. The package will also include some food and drinks, a luxury bus to transport us and will bring us back after six hours of playing in their lovely casino and sports bar. There will be entertainment included! How can you go wrong with spending $100 pesos and, they do all the work. Recommended:  take a few dollars/pesos and win a lot. The opportunity is there, but you gotta bring your own luck. Contact the someone in the LCS Ticket Booth for reservations for the up-coming mid-June, first day trip. This could turn into one fun afternoon or evening.


     We are talking creative here, judicially speaking: It seems a judge faced two resident gringos hauled into our local police department after causing a serious driving infraction of the law. The claim was that: we didn’t understand the driving rules because we cannot read nor speak Spanish. The judge’s sentence was that the two “were to learn Spanish” within one year or serve a year in jail. Their classes were to be monitored weekly, and “class begins in one week!” You have to admit it is a super way to handle the law and force-learn the language. It was further stated by the judge that, “We don’t have to take care of you the rest of your life....NOW learn Spanish!” A round of applause for a man who doesn’t want to crowd the jail, and yet educate at the same time!
     Music From The Isles lead a packed matinee house at Club Oxigen through a series of 18 British Isles songs that touched the heart.  Men in tuxes and all the women wearing a seafoam colored top that was akin to the North Sea. Founder/creator Millicent Brandow was a visual glow at the harmony of some 50 singers. This was another enchanted evening which should work up repeats at least 3 to 4 times a year. 

     HIGH TREES-ON  A crass, cold-hearted thief swiped eight saplings recently planted at Lake Chapala Society to commemorate an homage to Neill James. Many plants have been missing recently much to the dismay of LCS and the garden group. Very close surveillance will be maintained now on the grounds of LCS to catch the tree and plant thief in action. These are the things that keep costs to continually rise.
     Sweet Charity! Free LCS Pancake Breakfast for the Mexican children of Ajijic was a sell-out event on April 19th with 200+ kids in attendance. There is something wonderful watching kids at a breakfast table wolfing down good pancakes faster than the most of us can chew. It was a splendid idea that paid off by Ron Kannick and his breakfast crew.
     Funny Lady, Shirley Haverland, experienced a serious fall resulting in several fractures. Mack Morison, Cindy Paul, Millicent Brandow, and Marilyn Thielking are spearheading a fundraising event where our local stars of song will shine and sing for Shirley. May 13 is the appointed date at the La Bodega, Ajijic. You can call La Bodega (776-1002), Mack (763-5824), Millicent (765-5074), or Marilyn Thielking (763-5450) for details and reservations. Shirley has been a bright light for all of us with her cheerful approach to life. Let’s all help her now. She is in need of funds to cover a huge hospital bill. 
     Memorial Day has always been a big service call at American Legion Post #7. It pays homage to those men and women who fought for our freedoms and often lost their lives in doing so. We are particularly honored that Commander Dan Williams and his tireless group of workers (the Ladies’ Auxiliary Post #7) remember those who cannot be with us, but were part of our lives whether we knew them or not. Join the celebration at the Legion on Memorial Day. Contact the Legion for all details: 765-2259.
     Misión San Pablo is having water turn into miracles with their combined actions for the benefits of children who, without them, could possibly have no future. Elections of 2008-09, officers stayed in place for another year because of the good job the current board is doing for the benefit of all.  Dixie Topham makes a wonderful President. Tom Barsanti, Vice-President, Bettina Rigby, Treasurer, Mary Ellen McCann, Secretary, continue most efficiently in their positions for another year. Never mess up a good thing, right? One vital asset would be for Spanish speakers for their meetings. The children need the sounds of their native language, and Spanish speakers would help considerably. Programs for the balance of this year and next year are ranging from Vocational Trade Skills (carpentry, electrical, plumbing, etc.), Special Needs Children Afternoon Programme, Health & Hygiene, English as a Second Language, Summer Swim Programme, Cooking Classes, Landscaping, and Sports. Contact Marilyn Paton at 766-2551 or email  (beaupaton@yahoo.com)  who will be glad to share with you the name and telephone number of any one of the eight program directors with whom you find special interest.  It’s giving a kid a life and a future.

     Doesn’t television drive you up AWOL? Makes you want to stop watching altogether.  An anonymous couple (requested name withheld) stated, "Television seems to be forcing some of the dullest of actors onto the public.  YOU simply cannot get interested in any of the mundane stories because you have to watch such dull people with mediocre personalities. LAW&ORDER still holds up after all these years, and DANCING WITH THE STARS after 5 years, but newer series get one season and mercifully are gone forever. Bad casting has a lot to do with it. Lakesiders have a choice because there is so much live entertainment activities going on every week, you do not have to be confined to TV like many of our family and friends who are north of the border.  

     Girls off the deep end!  Whatever happened to the ladies’ swimming and pool parties? For several years it was the talk of the town. Could this still be going on but kept more secret? As we grow a bit older, sometimes we don’t want to expose everything.....but, hey, all is safe at the deep end of the pool!
     Robert Hornstein, always a man of his word, is working on bringing back the Barbershop Singing Group. Several years ago, members of this famous Tennessee group came to Lakeside and gave a performance at the auditorium that is remembered to this day as being one of the most entertaining evenings we have ever had. 
Hornstein is currently in the USA securing rights to bring some of the members down for a repeat performance.  If there are any interested lakesiders wishing to be involved in organizing or possibly in performing, please contact Hornstein at ... thebubbaman 2005@sbcglobal.net and he will get back to you immediately. The wheels are spinning after lots of effort and it is quite possible that the Nashville Headquarters will send a Rep down in September to see if there is some real interest from local residents. If successful, this is a coupe degras.
     According to a big Eastern newspaper, "It’s gonna be tough finding a way to select a good USA president next term. The choices are not exactly the best since most Americans eliminated a couple when they failed to support a potential president who might be able to do a good job in preference to the current choices which are: an inexperienced Muslim whose wife hates America ~~ or an extremely dishonest carpetbagger with a predator husband ~~ or a not-too-smart, arrogant hot-head moderate/conservative/liberal white guy! The pickings are rather slim this go-around, but then will it make any difference in Washington, D.C.?"  
     ALERT ~~ ALERT:  Joel Juan Qui will be coming to town in June. If you wish to hear piano being played at it’s very best, missing this one could be a crime. He’s a super hero of the keys and knows all 88 of them intimately. Tickets are available from VIVA, La Musica! at the LCS Ticket Booth. 

Joel Juan Qui

     The time has come for the two of us (Ektor and Tod) to say goodbye to this column and to the generosity of our readers. We thank each of you for spending time with us, for sharing ideas and experiences, but all good things need to come to an end. 
     LAKESIDE LIVING will continue in  the capable hands of Kay Davis.  We  thank David Tingen and Alejandro Grattan for their guidance.  We wish each of you a wonderful rainy season ahead, an autumn filled with activities, and a winter full of parties and holidays. 
     Have fun, friends, that is what all of this was suppose to impart.  Therefore, we close down Ajijic Station 101, and put our monthly broadcasts to rest.