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By Kay Davis

July 2008

     Having asked for your suggestions, I thank those who have responded. We will continue to cover those events that present what some refer to as the A-list because that is a key part of social life anywhere, but we will also include what is happening in local communities amongst our Mexican neighbors. It helps to know what the celebrations are about, and some of you may want to join in. In the meantime, we will continue to seek new but interesting items too.
     Mark your calendar for July 6 and 7 for Hepatitis A and B immunization shots at the Lake Chapala Society. The cost is 800 pesos for each dose. The first shot will be given at LCS, and 30 days later the second will be given at the Lake Medical Center at Constitucion #86 in Ajijic. There is a third shot six months later, also given at the Lake Medical Center. These shots can save your liver and your life.
     There was a Cuban invasion, or at least a musical trio by the name of Ybrahim y Los Embajadores (Abraham and the Ambassadors), who appeared at La Tasca June 4. Their appearance coincided with the ninth anniversary of Danny and Kay Borkowski. Danny is an Anglican priest, popular with churchgoers Lakeside. He has also frequently served Anglicans in the Middle East for several months at a time. Welcome home and congrat-ulations to them both. Guests included Tina and Martin Coady, Sharon and John Pratt, Dan and Phyl Gaskell, Maureen and Stewart Crichton and Kay and Doug Denison.

Danny and Kay Borkowski

     On June 6, the Ajijic Writers Group met under the tree at La Nueva Posada. About 40 people attended, for off-season an astounding attendance. It shows the talent and interest shown by Lakesiders. Should you have an interest in writing, you are invited to attend a meeting on the first and/or third Friday of the month.

Jim Collums, Georgina Russell, Arden Murphy and Michael McLaughlin

     Chelation Therapy. If, like me, you are one of those who supplement their diet with good quality vitamins and minerals, then you have heard of chelation, a process that makes minerals more easily absorbable. But what is chelation therapy? It’s an intravenous infusion of nutrients geared toward each patient’s needs. While still considered questionable by traditional medical practitioners, there is a growing number of adherents who believe their medical needs have been met or at least ameliorated by this therapy. For more information, contact Dr. J. Manuel Cordova, (376) 766-2777.
     What’s New at Lakeside? Probably the most talked about new project is the expansion of promenades along the shore. The area just east of the Ajijic pier has been cleaned up, and palapas are set up for those who will use the new beach once sand is imported. The Chapala malecon has been expanded to include both sides of the pier, and the San Juan Cosalá promenade is undergoing expansion as well. Meanwhile, our shore has experienced a 30% increase in visitors during this Easter season over the number last year.
     Construction at the light by the Libramiento and the Carretera. Unless you have been living in a glass jar these past weeks, you have been following construction of the large space on the lake side of the highway, signage telling us that a WalMart Supercenter is coming with full grocery offerings. The Super store is deemed for opening in January. And across the highway, along the Libramiento, there is a mall of small stores going up, as well. Things are a-changin’.
     Correction re the Joel Juan Qui piano concert. Appearance was June 22 at 4 p.m. at St. Andrews Anglican Church, Riberas del Pilar. Joel has toured extensively throughout China, Mexico, Argentina & Germany. He most recently performed Beethoven’s Sonata Op. 151 at the Teatro Diana with the Sinaloa State Orchestra to rave reviews. Our apologies for the change of information if you missed this one.
     There is, however, something worth mentioning for July 20 at St. Andrews Anglican Church, Riberas del Pilar. It is the flute & classical guitar of Nury Ulate and David Mosqueda. Although this talented husband-wife duo from Guadalajara has appeared in many national and international festivals, this will be their premier performance with VIVA, La Musica! At the LCS Ticket Booth.
     Piano Bar at the Hotel de Chapala in La Floresta. There, on Friday evenings starting at 9:30, you can hear Gershwin played by Roberto Ortiz, the pianist, as you may never have heard it before. In addition, you can see photos of Maria Félix, wife of Augustin Lara. It was Lara who composed many of the popular romantic songs of the 1930s –1950s. Ask for "Granada," one of his best known, and enjoy. The connection between Gershwin and Lara? Lara was known as the Mexican Gershwin.  Many of his love songs have been used in movies around the world. Maria Félix was a film diva and singer.

El Maestro Roberto Ortiz

     San Antonio Tlayacapán celebrated fiestas patronales in honor of Saint Anthony of Padua from June 1 – June 13. For those on the east side of town, it is one of the noisy holidays, but it is important to our Mexican neighbors.
     San Juan Cosalá culminated celebration of their town’s patron saint days June 29. We hope you take advantage of these celebrations at least one time in order to mix with our local neighbors. They appreciate it.
     July 16 marks Nuestra Señora del Carmen (Our Lady of Mount Carmel), a holiday widely honored all over Mexico. Local festivities, however, center in the Chapala barrio of the same name.
     Ixtlahuacán de Membrillos celebrates their fiestas patronales on July 25. This holiday honors Santo Santiago (Saint James the Greater), a widely popular patron who has been distinguished as the first Christian saint to appear in Mexico. In Tonalá, one of the suburbs of Guadalajara, you can see colorful representations featuring Santiago battling evil pagan forces. Garishly masked dancers represent the pagan forces.
     Sorry, but we have another warning. Two muggings have occurred on the streets of Ajijic. Both were situated in areas where more or less affluent people of both cultures are found after dark. One is the restaurant area between the lake and 16 de Septiembre along Donato Guerra. The other is in the vicinity of the Ajijic Plaza. These particular muggings happened to Mexican women, but since we all frequent restaurants along these areas, take care and try not to walk there alone after dark.
     Register for Absentee Ballots. There is still time, so if you have not yet registered to vote abroad, go to www.VoteFromAbroad.org for the simplest process available to American Citizens living abroad. Check it out and download your application as soon as possible. Once you fill it out, you will need to mail it to your last US "home state" previous to moving to Mexico. LCS delivers mail to the US as long as you are a member of LCS, postage free for voter applications.
     One of the highlights of Festival Chapala Vivo, ten days of events with a focus on the environment, was the unique fashion show on the Chapala Malecon on May 30. All of the models, young ladies from local schools, strutted and danced down the walkway in outfits made from recycled materials that included plastic bags, curtains, cigarette boxes, men’s ties, even old newspapers.

Model wearing dress made from recycled newspapers

     LCS is preparing for their July Fiesta on July 26 from 10 – 4 on the grounds at LCS. Admission is 50 pesos (advance purchase) or 100 pesos at the door. Entry tickets will be good for a door prize, and the Fiesta will be open to all. When you enter, you will receive a map showing location of all activities, plus restaurant offerings, beer and ice cream stands and bands. The City of Chapala is working with LCS on some arrangements. A silent auction will be a major highlight as will merchandise sales. We hear there may be a home karaoke machine in the silent auction plus time share opportunities at key Mexican beaches, and trips. There will be a 50-50 raffle for a cash prize and a Tequila gift basket. All proceeds will be donated to the Student Aid Fund which includes the Wilkes Center, the Children’s Art Program and the school children supported by LCS. To this end, LCS is actively collecting items for the silent auction, so if you have something to donate, please contact Tod Johnson at the LCS offices weekday mornings, 766 – 4685.
     Lakeside Little Theater is preparing for "Risky Readings" and auditions for Office Hours, a play running from September 27 – October 5. Auditions for Office Hours will be held July 11 – 12, 10 a.m. sharp. If you would prefer to be involved backstage in set decoration, props, make-up or costumes, contact Jayme Littlejohn at (376) 766 – 3994. Risky Readings is a series of play readings free to members (season ticket holders) and 50 pesos to non-members. Each of the readings will be held on a Saturday. July 19 is Six Characters in Search of an Author. This is a provocative, humorous and surprising play written by Nobel Prize Winner Luigi Pirandello. July 26 will be The Crucible, set in the days when witch hunts were common. This play was written by Arthur Miller, one-time husband to Marilyn Monroe. August 2 presents What the Butler Said, a play that shocked audiences when it first came out because of blatant sexuality and attacks on authority. And August 9 offers us The Perfect Alibi, a wonderful whodunit written by one of our local authors (and Ojo columnist), Michael Warren. The bar will be open prior to the readings and during intermission. Please bring proof of membership. The door opens one hour prior to performance. In effect, the LLT has provided us an extended season of performances that we can enjoy. All four Risky Readings will begin at 7:30 p.m. Contact person for readings will be Jane Isbell at birthdaygrin@yahoo.com.
     There will be a Book Signing at the LCS Gazebo slated for July 9 between 10:30 –12:30. The book, Seven Years a Mariner, has appeared in segments in El Ojo del Lago. A well-written saga of Ken Clarke’s adventures, each book purchased will be signed by the author following a presentation.
     The Ajijic Writers’ Group will hold their first Film Forum on July 21, 11:30 – 2:00, in the theatre at the rear of the Plaza Jardin Restaurant on the northeast corner of the village square, open to all. Attendance fee is 50 pesos. Wine and food following the movie will be extra. This first film will be The Mission, winner of the 1986 Cannes Film Festival’s Best Picture Award, apowerful epic about a man of the sword (Robert deNiro) and a man of the cloth (Jeremy Irons) who unite to shield a South American Indian tribe from subjugation by 18th Century colonial empires. Sweeping, lyrical, and visually resplendent, The Mission triumphs on two levels: as a clash between faith and greed, and as an action-filled clash of wills and culture. Introductory information will be offered prior to showing the film, and a discussion will follow its presentation. All profits will go towards a Creative Writing Scholarship Fund for a local student.
     The Children’s Art Program held a judging and five paintings won first, second and third place.  Cash awards will be given at the July Fiesta. Careers are now being born, and the paintings are a delight.

LCS Judges hold winning art pieces

     Open Circle at LCS on Sunday mornings 10:30 am offers the following schedule for July. Coffee and munchies are included. No admission fees.
July 6 – Christopher English: Your Body’s Many Cries for Water
July 13 – Aubrey Niles: Healing Mind, Body and Spirit with Sound
July 20 – Werner Ruzicka: Meditation Experience in Buddhist Monasteries
July 27 – Ann Lewis: Alaska by Ferry
     The Lake Chapala Shrine Club held a farewell party at La Bodega on June 22 for Chuck Grierson. Chuck has spent the last 15 years in the Chapala area, where he has been an active volunteer with the Shriners in many capacities. For the past nine years he has also played drums at La Bodega on Sunday nights.

Chuck Grierson at La Bodega

The next Dine with the Shrine will be on Thursday, July 17 at Giovanni’s restaurant located on the Libramiento in Plaza Interlago. The special Shriner’s meal will be chicken parmesan served with a salad and garlic bread for 80 pesos. The special will be served between 12:00 noon and 7:00 pm. Giovanni will donate the proceeds from the special meal to the Lake Chapala Shrine Club’s Transportation Fund used to send children and their parents to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Mexico City or in special cases, locally.

     Get a group together for this charitable event and have a great time and enjoy a fine meal.  For reservations call (045) 331-132-4944.