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By Kay Davis

December 2008

     ‘Tis the season once again. While those back home wish the holiday spirit could be with them all year round, Lakeside is generally full of cheer and generosity. May the bells ring in the season!
     Events are listed by date, like a calendar. Some organizations offer multiple events or dates, and these items appear at the end of the column.
     What’s Happening at Lake Chapala Society? See separate article in this issue.
     October 28 was an information-packed day for The Women’s Safety, Finance and Legal Fair from 9-3:30 at the Hotel Villa Monte Carlo in Chapala. A bitterly cold wind blew in off the lake and we huddled to keep warm, asking questions and taking notes with fingers like icicles. A delicious buffet lunch was served. The fair provided expert advice on keeping you and your home safe, emergen-cies, dealing with police, avoiding scams, insurance, controlling finances, estate planning and important differences in Mexican law. The kind of information disbursed was invaluable, and most of us stuck with it for that reason. If you missed this one, check online at www.lakesidewomen.org.

Women’s Fair - Ann Heath on Home Security

     The November meeting of CASA, the Culinary Art Society of Ajijic, was a busy one. Amid travel tales by the Campos, the judges, Pablo Maciel, Al Wilson and Erma Doherty, rated dishes in the main category of Casseroles and Stews and the second category of Complementary Side Dishes.
     For category I, Diane Pretti won first place for her Seafood Supreme. Chuck Balnis won second place and People’s Choice for his Beef Stew ‘N Brew. There was a tie for third place, with Wayne Palfrey winning for his Kidney Beans Paysanne, and Yvonne Yarnold won for her Indian Pork Rice Casserole. Category 2 was Complementary Side Salads. Mary Ann Waite won first place for her Candy Apple Salad while second place went to Gaye Brown for her Marjoram Salad. Joanne Nash won third place for her Raspberry, Nuts and Feta Salad. Joanne also tied for People’s Choice with CASA president Judy Whitford for her Strawberry Pretzel Salad.
     CASA meets once a month to bring together people who love to cook. For more information on joining CASA for the coming year, call CASA President, Judy Whitford, at 765-3823.

CASA Category 2 winners: Mary Ann Waite, Gaye Brown and Joanne Nash

     The 7th Annual Feria Maestros del Arte was held November 7-9 at the Club de Yates de Chapala (Chapala Yacht Club). Perfect weather brought out attendees.

     The Art Society of Ajijic (ASA) delighted their many visitors to the Ajijic plaza on November 16. This was a wonderful display of local talents.

     December 5 is Christmas at Jaltepec, a roast turkey dinner with no host cocktails. Cocktail hour begins at 6:30 p.m. Los Cantantes Choir will entertain at 7:15 p.m. and dinner begins at 8 p.m. Held at the Jaltepec Hospitality Technical University, dinner is $400 pesos per person. For information contact Linda Buckthorp at 766-1937 or buckthrop@laguna.com.mx.
     December 6 at 12:00 p.m. Jaltepec Hospitality will offer a Christmas luncheon. No host cocktails begin at 12 noon, followed by entertainment by Los Cantantes choir and luncheon at 1 p.m. for $300 pesos per person. Contact Linda Buckthorp.
     December 6 St. Andrews Anglican Church will host Regalorama-Christmas Bazaar from 10-3. Contact Don Snell 765-4085 or Snell7@hotmail.com.
     December 10-14 is Festival de Luces (Festival of Lights) Chapala 2008, a five-day fireworks festival. This festival will showcase the best of traditional Mexican fireworks along with displays that rely on advanced electronic firing systems, "big league" stuff. At least 200,000 people are expected to attend.
     Colorful large paper air balloons will be launched. Each day pyrotechnicians will build frames, covered with papier maché, decorated by local artists and school children. After fireworks are attached, the sculptures will go onto a barge and be pulled out to a safe distance in the lake, where they will be lit at night. Check out www.festivaldeluces.com.
     I’ll be there! See you then.
     Dine with the Shrine December 11 at Grandma’s Kitchen, #101-A Hidalgo in Riberas Del Pilar, next to S & S Auto. You are invited to lunch or dinner, 1-9 p.m. The Shriners’ Special includes three choices from $75-$90 pesos. 100% of sales will be donated to the Children’s Transportation & Treatment Fund by the owners of the restaurant, Samuel Kovac and Tatana Murcova. Come. Have a great time. For reservations, call 765-2255.
     A Wine and gourmet feast is taking place free of charge on December 12-13, from 11-6 in front of Superlake and Tony’s, featuring La Paz Wines. La Paz will have over 30 wines of nine vintners from Chile, Argentina, Australia United States and Italy. Superlake and Tony’s will offer fine cheeses, sausages, cold cuts and even desserts. Gifts and special sales are included in this event. Parking lots are available on Independencia just south of La Paz.
     December 14 presents the 2nd Annual Christmas Brunch (12:30 cocktails, 1:30 brunch) at Casas Cariñosas, Privada Independencia #9 in Ajijic. Brunch is $250 pesos per person. The location is Abbeyfield, on the lake between Pedro Moreno and 5 de Mayo). Contact Brian Howard 766-2794, howard@surenet.net.
     The American Legion has a happy holiday month scheduled:
     - Sundays (except Dec. 7) from 12-3 is the Legion Grill with the "best burgers Lakeside." Regular $35 pesos, cheeseburger $40 pesos, all with salad and beans. Pie is available for dessert at $28 pesos.
     - First Wednesday, December 3, 10-12 you can see a representative from the US consulate and Social Security
     - Friday, December 5, is the bus to WalMart & Sam’s Club
     - Sunday, December 7 from 9-3 is the Arts & Crafts Fair with a quiche brunch
     - December 9, 11 a.m. is the auxiliary general meeting
     - December 10 is the DIF kids bus trip to the Guadalajara Zoo.
     - December 11 is the Legion General Meeting
     - December 20, employee Christmas party, time to be determined.
     For details, contact the American Legion, Dan Williams 765-2259 or for matters re the auxiliary, contact Anita Wikum 765-4342.
     Lakeside Little Theater’s 3rd play of the season is Twelve Angry Jurors, adapted from Reginald Rose’s Twelve Angry Men and directed by Norma Lyerly. Twelve Angry Jurors runs from December 6-14, a gripping, penetrating and engrossing examination of a diverse group of twelve jurors brought together to deliberate after hearing the ‘facts’ in a seemingly open-and-shut murder trial case. The box office will open one hour before show time. Performances begin at 7:30 p.m., Sunday matinee at 3 p.m. Arrive early for the best parking and enjoy the patio bar. For ticket information, call 766-0954 (leave message).
     The LLT is looking for directors interested in submitting plays for consideration for season 2009-2010. Submissions must include two plays from different genres, i.e. drama, comedy, mystery, and will be accepted on December 11-12 from 2-4 p.m. at the theater. Contact Jane Isbell 765-2268, birthdaygrin@yahoo.com with questions.
     The LLT is also looking for volunteers for Stage Lighting and Sound, Photographers, Set Decorators, Set Construction, and many other facets involved with show productions. If you would like to be part of the theater, now is the time. Training is provided. Please contact Don Chaloner at 77dondo@gmail.com.
     If you have Christmas decorations that you no longer want, please consider donating them to the theater. Any not used will be given to needy families. Just put them into a bag and leave them at LLT’s Stage Door to the left of the main entry steps and many thanks.

LLT Rehearsal for Ten Angry Jurors

     Los Cantantes del Lago will perform both Lakeside and in Guadalajara:
     Dec 13–14, 17         Christmas in North America, Centro Sol y Luna, Rio Bravo #10, Ajijic at 4 p.m. (13-14), at 7 p.m. on the 17th-$150 pesos
     Also see the Jaltepec Hospitality item, December 5-6. Los Cantantes will perform for them and you on those dates also. For more information, contact Jane Hainsworth 766-1937, congomex@yaoo.com
     A Tarahumara Christmas is being celebrated at La Bodega on December 20, from 12-5. There are no tickets. Just show up and have a gander at handicrafts by these native people who live on the rim of the Copper Canyon and are excellent farmers but who have suffered famine and drought the past few years. Restaurant owners Javier and Martha will donate a portion of the monies raised to the project. Donations of blankets, sweaters, jackets and anything warm to stave off the cold, or cash, will get you tickets for a drawing on a quilt designed and produced by Betty Parker and friends. All funds raised at this event go directly to the Tarahumara. Contact Townsend with questions, 766-1167. Our thanks to Jeanne Chaussee of the Guadalajara Reporter for this contribution.
     Open Circle at LCS on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. will present:
     Dec 7          Cheryl Lynch – Reclaiming relationships
     Dec 14        Joanne Fleming-Valin – n/a
     Dec 21        Pre-Christmas special
     Dec 28        Irene Anton – The burning bowl ceremony for New Year
     Dec 30        Marie Pruden – Green in you backyard
     Music Appreciation Society (MAS) 2008-9 season offers seven concerts. Note dates and program.
     Dec. 2         Three Tenors and Soprano present Opera Arias
     Jan. 13        Duo Petrof (Piantists Vlada Vassilieva, Anatoly Zatin)
     Feb. 3         The Medina-Gracián Guitar Duo
     Feb. 17        Boris Zarankin, Inna Perkis, pianists play
     Mar. 17        The New Pacific Trio
     Apr. 7          Youth Choir A Capella from Guadalajara sing
     All performances are at 7:30 pm in the Auditorio, La Floresta, Ajijic.
     Prices for Season Tickets are 1500, 1200 and 1000 pesos, averaging only 214, 171 or 142 pesos per concert, reserved seats. MAS accepts US dollar and peso checks made out to Music Appreciation Society, AC and thank you for your continued support.
     Just a short drive from Comala in the state of Colima is the ex-Hacienda Nogueras formerly owned by Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo, whose artwork is best known for the gentle characters found on UNICEF Christmas cards. This area lies under the twin peaks of Nevado de Colima and Volcán de Colima which, at 14,655 feet, is still active since its original explosion on July 6, 1998.
     The town of Comala is known as Magic Town because of its proliferation of art and artists. About a mile out of town lies Nogueras on the property formerly owned by the Rangel family. The hacienda was turned over to the University of Colima as a museum, housing not only Alejandro’s delightful artwork but furniture he designed. The building is sur-rounded by botanic gardens employ-ing passive water runs that keep the gardens moist.
     Within the museum are pre-Columbian carvings found on the property in vertical "shaft" tombs up to eight meters deep and housing entire families with their ceramics fashioned into an inspiring repertoire of animals and people, depicting daily life. One display case tenderly portrays conditions such as spina bifida and Down’s syndrome. One of the most popular displays is of the "Colima Dogs," shown with expressions we can all relate to. Don’t skip the Christmas card collection of paintings. In exquisite detail, he depicted holiday costumes and customs around the world and throughout the ages.

One of the UNICEF holiday cards by Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo

     VIVA! La Musica is holding their Annual General Meeting December 3 at La Nueva Posada in the hotel bar area at 11 a.m. All members are welcome to attend. The Board is seeking someone to take the place of Treasurer.
     The VIVA annual Membership Party will be held on January 18, a nice way to start the new year. More information will be available in the December Update! Bus trips to the symphony will be announced as soon as the Jalisco Philharmonic publishes its next season schedule. 
     Summer Concert subscriptions will be sold with five concerts for June through October in the Auditorium, rather than St. Andrew’s Church as previously announced.
For those who missed it, M5 performed with real polish and panache, offering a fine display of virtuosity October 27 at the Auditorio in La Floresta.

M5 Brass Band at the Auditorio