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Founded in 1987
Hidalgo #223
Chapala, Jalisco,
Mexico 45900
Tels. (376) 765-2877,
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Tod Jonson
Ektor Carranza

April 2008

     Seeing that St Patrick’s Day has just past, the Irish have a way with meanings:  While on a British TV show, Julio Iglesias used the Spanish word “mañana.” The show’s hostess asked him to explain what it meant. He said that the term means: “Maybe the job will be done tomorrow, maybe the next day, maybe the day after that. Who cares?  It won’t happen today!"  The hostess turned to Irishman Seamus Brennan, and asked him if there was an equivalent term in Irish.  “No...In Ireland we don’t have any words to describe that degree of urgency.” Lakeside’s IRISH CLUB celebrated 2008 St Patty’s Day in first class style. If you like anything IRISH, call Nancy Creevan (at LCS: 766-1140) and join the Club for meetings, films, parties, dinners, monthly speakers, and history. Being Irish is not necessary!
     One of the great novelists of all times was James Hilton. Many of us feel his Lost Horizon could easily have been written about our Lakeside setting (minus snow, of course) as the mythical Shangri-La. Hilton died at 54, but he left enormous memories of  Goodbye, Mr. Chips, and Random Harvest.  James Hilton lived here at Lakeside once for a couple of months. 
     Some 700 guests who attended the afternoon and/or evening shows of the Passion for Fashion at the Hotel Real de Chapala walked away filled with heart touching imagery: lovely ladies wearing lovely gowns designed so any man in the audience would love to have one of the models on his arm for an evening on the town (with his wife along, for chaperone). Cruz Roja International Volunteers can take extra bows for a great job.  

     One of the most important spots in all of Ajijic is the Centro de Cultura de Ajijic. It has become the weekly gathering place of our Mexican friends, visitors, residents, and travelers who wish to keep up with the cultural side of Lakeside. Arturo Garcia is putting together a library, the first of its kind in many decades. Arturo is asking for donation of books in Spanish for the newly formed library. He would also appreciate books about Mexico—if they are in English. IF YOU HAVE BOOKS, PLEASE TAKE THEM TO THE CENTRO. Sharing books is a gift from the heart to another heart.
     A recent production of LOVE LETTERS led us through two vastly different, yet closely-knitted, lives who loved each other for several decades.  Norma Lyerly and Bob Jones jarred our own memories of that first love from our past. Few of us have forgotten our first love that could have melted ice at the North Pole. Al Gore had not told us yet about global warming...so we did our own. Love Letters, directed with a sensitive touch by Florence Micha-loski, gave us a chance to dream of a love when it was new. The term ‘love’ is most commonly used in music, art, and drama....but was beautifully covered in Love Letters.  Artists were at work here.

     Club Sala Presents  “Words & Music” will feature four Lakeside poets and five classical musicians Friday, April 18 at 4:30 on Lake Chapala Society’s back patio. The poets will be Norman Eades, Larry Reeves, Michael Warren and Liz White. The musicians will be Marie Laframboise (violin), Joyce Lawrence (oboe), Ronald Napier (recorder), Joyce McNulty (keyboard), and Peter Jepson (violin). Tickets: 70 pesos, and includes one complimentary wine or cold drink. Tickets available at LCS library or Ticket Booth, etc. sales counter. All profits go to the LCS Library new-book fund.  
     Los Cantantes del Lago has discovered a real polished gem in baritone John Herbert Jones, who entertained music lovers at St. Andrew’s Church in Riberas for two solid hours. It comes from singing your way on Broadway holding your own opposite leading ladies in My Fair Lady (Julie Andrews), Cabaret (Joel Grey), Applause (Lauren Bacall), The Music Man (Bert Parks) and Hot Spot (Judy Holiday). 

John Herbert Jones
Photograph by Robert Kelly

     Heel of fortune: Shoppers from Lakeside went into the Big City and wandered into an exclusive shoe emporium. One pair of shoes cost $10,000 pesos. Yves Saint Laurent, Rive Gauche, labels are getting very expensive just to walk on.
     Lakeside Little Theatre elected new officers for its 2008-2009 theatre season. Pat Carroll was unanimously re-elected for the 5th straight year as President. Jane Isabel continues in her role as Vice-President for another year, Fred Kosling remains in his role of Treasurer for another year, and Allen McGill becomes Secretary for 2008-2009. The Reading Committee is finalizing the roster of plays for next season, which will be announced within a couple weeks.
     There was high octane used in FLAMENCO when Mercedes Amaya hit town, dancing. Amaya and her dance troupe could have been given the key to the city. Phenomenal foot work was on display and enjoyed by the “sold out to the last seat” audience. Our Music Appreciation Society (MAS) delivered an evening of truly gifted dancers. But there were four very evident flaws. Flaw 1 & 2: The handling of the lighting as well as the sound equipment at the auditorium (for an outrageous rental price) is about as dreadful as you can get. If there is any cultural shame at all, Guadalajara (who owns and operates our La Floresta auditorium) should at least attempt to get some qualified repair people in to refurbish what should be one of their prize possessions. Flaw 3 & 4: Having spent time in Spain, we are well aware of the best, and in this case the guitarist and the singer traveling with Amaya were sub-standard. The guitarist had to start over a couple of times to complete his songs while the singer’s harsh and raspy voice was just annoying throughout. Spanish wailing is not palatable to most people outside of Spain. If Spain accepts these two as “performers” then they will accept anything. The dancing of Mercedes’ gorgeous niece, Karim, was so brilliant she received a standing ovation at the end of her dance number in the middle of the program. As dancers, they get the Key to the City!
     Maria Di Paola Blum’s Ajijic, an Enchanting Village in México is one of the greatest gifts you can give since it is sharing a record of our lives in our village. Recently a friend was visiting Ajijic and bought the book. This past week, an email arrived stating that she has viewed and re-read from cover to cover the book several times and now sleeps with it under her pillow so that when she wakes in the middle of the night and wants an instant recall of her moments while visiting with us, it is at her fingertips. This book grows on you each time you view the pictures of places and things that we live with and see every day. With or without a coffee table, one needs to share this book with everyone they encounter.
     Easter Pageant 2008! This pageant is a world-class production.  Every Easter, our village is stuffed with tourists and visitors to (re-)see this renowned production. Ajijic is famous for producing the re-enactment of the condemnation of Christ, our Lord, and his death. The turnout of locals who repeat this pageant year after year is astounding. The realism is almost shattering to those of us who believe. San Miguel de Allende has taken up this same cause and is producing a matching pageant.

     A Taste of Class (wine, cheese, art, and music) was an event at the American Legion Post #7, and was another party you can reflect upon for a long time to come.  Art was selling right and left, and one of the leaders in the race was Post #7 Commander Dan Williams’s watercolors. Much of the excitement was in discovering that Dan was such an accomplished painter.  This man seems to have no end to his talents. We plan to hang in a prominent spot the painting in the new house in which we will be moving later in the year.  It’s a beauty!  In late April (26th) The Sound of Music is planned as a fund-raiser for a new sound system for the Post.  $20,000 pesos are needed.

     Planned entertainment will be Do-Wop, Mariachi Hacienda de Atequica, Singer Rosaura Zamora Lopez, Grupos Mirage, and the great Quinn and the Boys. This is planned as an afternoon of total entertainment for a mere $100 pesos. Susannah Kelly (766-6209) is the lady to see about tickets. It is worth going to the Legion just to see the new paint job the building has received by the men of the Legion. 

     More About LOVE LETTERS (Reviewed by Michael Warren)This delightful little play  was performed as a reading at La Nueva Posada in the first two weeks of March. The two principals were Norma Lyerly as “Melissa” and Bob Jones as “Andy.” As with all of Gurney’s work, it is cleverly written so that the characters take on a life of their own as we go through their lives from primary school to college and then to career and marriage (not to each other). It was very well read and I should say performed by both Norma Lyerly and Bob Jones.
     The first half was humorous with Melissa being the more outrageous and therefore having funnier lines than Andy. Because Andy has less money than Melissa, he is more ambitious and has to work harder to achieve success. Ultimately he becomes a lawyer and then a senator, marries a suitable wife and has three beautiful children.
     His pro-forma Christmas letter is hilarious – we have all received one of those! Throughout their lives these two keep in touch, and in spite of all difficulties and misunderstandings there is much tenderness in these letters. The second half is more serious, and there are touches of sadness even when they finally get together. And the audience was genuinely affected when Melissa dies at the end of the play.
     I congratulate Norma Lyerly and Bob Jones for an entertaining and moving evening, and also Flo Michaloski for helping to put the show on stage. Perhaps there should be more such readings in Ajijic for our enjoyment.
     This is Station Ajijic 101 signing off until next issue.