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Founded in 1987
Hidalgo #223
Chapala, Jalisco,
Mexico 45900
Tels. (376) 765-2877,
Fax (376) 765-3528



























































































































Tod Jonson
Ektor Carranza

September 2007

     Before a crowd of more than 120 guests, thirteen writers got together during the annual El Ojo Del Lago Awards on August 14 to receive the applause they have earned during the year as contributors to our magazine. Publisher Richard Tingen presented thirteen framed scrolls to the winners of the 2007 Literary and Hall Awards. (See the centerfold for details.)

     Proof Positive showed up as highly potent when we attended the grand opening of the Old World Design Center (Carretera PTE #30) on the Carretera just over the hump heading west out of town. International KA Ajijic Accessories in association with Bellagio Galeria on the east side of this sparkling new center has a Wine Club with wines from several countries.
     I am told that the Red Cross Fashion Show pre­sented in August at the Real de Chapala Hotel was exceptional.
     Allan and Norine Rose are spending more time at the beach. A “farewell party” thrown by Joe Schwartz and Debbie Greenfield brought together many of friends remembering the days when Lakeside was a three-a-day cocktail party.

     VIVA La Musica! The reins are being turned over to Roseann Wilshere. One of Lakeside’s musical entrepreneur, Suzanne Forrest, needs to recoup her health. Theatre director Roseann Wilshere certainly knows all the ropes associated with entertainment after years of working in theatre in Canada. Therefore, VIVA La Musica! soon to-be announced new season. The Summer in the Village Series of four concerts has been an enormous success topped off mid-August with La Catrina String Quartet. This string quartet is one of the few Mexican groups that have made it internationally. The first-class quality of La Catrina put them onto the international stage as is evidenced by their recent debut at Carnegie Hall in NYC. Following their splendid concert for VIVA at St. Andrew’s Church in Riberas, they left to perform in the music festival in San Miguel. Call Roseann (766-1036) to find out the September details for concert number three.
     Mr. Galen Harris is  magnificent. Niños Incapacitados will present one of the world’s greatest pianists for a fundraiser on September 28th at La Bodega...and it is sold out!
Harris is world-renowned. His versatility delights his audiences. He has developed a compelling new sound in the field of Pop music and his inventive way gives universal appeal to the classics. Mr. Harris is helping regain what has been lost in music during the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. Hopefully this will not be a one-shot musical experience, and we can all have a chance soon to hear the man often known as Mr. Music.
     The 42nd Season of the Lakeside Little Theatre opens on September 29th. Box-office has details: (766-0954).
     At their monthly Manix luncheon, Lake Chapala Council Navy League was paid a visit by a U.S. Consul representative to answer questions. Consul Lic. Martha L. Melzow answered every question the Navy Leaguers threw at her. 

     Villa Infantil Orphanage a must on everyone’s list.  Villa Infantil orphanage is on the south shore of Lake Chapala between San Pedro Tesistan and San Cristobal. There are currently 27 children aged between 2 and 10 in San Pedro, and 11 babies in the Guadalajara facility, who will be transferred to San Pedro as soon as they can walk. Those who wish to do so are encouraged to visit the children and their caring “madres.” Contact Sandra Cartwright at (376) 764-0093 or sncmex2@yahoo.com for details about visiting hours and how to get there. Villa Infantil depends solely on private donors, sponsors, fundraisers and events to provide the much needed support for the children.  Currently, there is an urgent need to repair leaking roofs and correct water drainage problems in all the casitas which house the children in San Pedro. Donations for this $40,000 peso project would be much appreciated. Contact Michael Cook at (387) 763-0184 or mikecookcottingham@hotmail.com   

     Coyohualtecumeh, which means evokers of sound, presented on July 29, a one-of-a-kind concert. A highly enthusiastic audience was introduced to sounds heretofore unheard at Lakeside.
     Two standing ovations in one concert is rather rare, but when the entertainment is this superb, ten ovations could have been accepted without question. Program notes of description are absolutely perfect. “Music is the art of coming together. When sounds come together they produce the miracle we call harmony.” These artists believe all music to be sacred. VIVA La Musica! is to be praised for this discovery.  Without physical instruments of any kind, these eleven voices produced a full orchestra of musical sounds. VIVA might be able to recall these super talents. Telephone: Roseann Wilshere (766-1036) or Suzanne Forrest (766-0908).

     In the mid-80s, the Music Appreciation Society (MAS) was formed. Entrepreneur Beverly Ely Denton seeks the best inter­national engagements for our entertainment and has been highly successful. Beverly and the MAS board have set the 2007-8 season. Tickets are now available for the entire season or on individual performance basis. Contact MAS: 765-6409.   
     Oct. 23: Alan Traditional Dance Ensemble from  Russia, (50 dancers, 15 musicians with photo attached)
     Dec. 5:  San Luis Potosi Orchestra in a Night at the Proms:  (Popular Classics)
     Jan 8: Vancouver Wind Trio featuring: Prokofioff’s Peter and the Wolf
     Jan 22: New York Chamber Soloists 6:  A unique and unusual performance.
     Feb. 12:  Bob Milne:  Renown Ragtime, Swing and Stride piano performer.
      March 12:  Flamenco dance troupe - (tentative).

     Help Needed:  El Pesebre de Belén A.C. is a haven for some of the most disadvantaged women and families at Lakeside. It provides medical care, psychological counseling, legal help, adult education, shelter for physically and emotionally abused women and children, and more. It is entirely staffed by volunteers. The A.C. receives considerable free medical, psychological, and legal care from professionals in the area. Until recently they have been operating informally, helping over 250 people over a period of nine years, but as demand increased they realized that they need to formalize and publicize their services, so they have become an Asociación Civil, which is a Mexican non-profit corporation. To continue providing these services they need to pay rent and utilities on a building they have recently rented at a discount rate, funds for medicine, etc. They also need donations of a serviceable car or truck, computers, telephone, etc. Under the auspices of the Lake Chapala Society they have launched a Pledge Drive. If fifty or a hundred people will sign up to donate only $100 pesos a month, they will be able to continue their good work. You can sign up at LCS: Mondays and Saturdays.  Monthly donations can be made during LCS office hours, at the Service Desk. This is a chance to do an enormous amount of good for a small donation. This is one time your help can be put to its best use.
     Oaxaca should never be forgotten.  The LCS Travel Club flew to Oaxaca in one hour and ten minutes, and it changed our lives completely. Thirty Lakeside travelers flew off to a different world. It was the rainy season, but no one seemed to care. Photographer Peter Denton captured one of the gorgeously costumed dancers during a day-long dance festival. The production number could match MGM’s best musical days. The next LCS Travel Club trip will be to the Copper Canyon. If you haven’t gone, here is another Mexican wonder to quicken your heartbeats.

     Give creative artists a few minutes and a new idea will spring up.  Ernie Howard is a fine local artist who paints abstract paintings. There is nothing delicate about the bombastic way he paints. First time this idea has been developed that I know of, and is a strong statement that could not be found anywhere else at Lakeside. What a way to christen a new home!
     There are times when beauty can take your breath away!  On August 10, Lauri Jenson of the Dos Lunas Galeria  presented a display of oil-watercolor-pastel paintings, jewelry, hangings, pottery, wood sculpture, tin cut-out paintings, and glass creations. Lauri Jenson may be picture-perfect to look at, but so is her talent for exhibiting precious works of art. Artists Ana Romo displayed new metal and oil hangings while Salvador Vasquez offered his beautiful pre-Hispanic pottery. Carol Wood, the brilliant diachronic glass artist, sold an exquisite piece within the first few minutes. In the front Gallery, six watercolor paintings by Marci Boone caught your eye and your imagination and never let you go.   

     Vicky Banning: writer Allen McGill’s prize winning novel of the 2006 Pamala L. Hall Best Book Award has just been published and is available on-line as a download read or to order in a trade paperback edition. http://www.lulu.com/content/987499  The West Coast Review of Books ends its glowing review with: “The author has made his novel a joy to read.”
     Our Goodbyes are hard to take. That heaven-bound train that passed through Lakeside in the past few weeks carried a most precious cargo. Theatre director Patty Bellinger, Landscape artist Robert Moore, Humorist and Poet Laureate Leo Fitzpatrick, Canadian Air Force pilot Jacques Girard, railway enthusiast Raymond Morrison, homemaker Marjorie Tremaine, nurse Joyce Mulhern, and our (and the Ojo’s) beloved Shelley Burger were all passengers paving the way for those of us who will join them. Even though our goodbyes carry tears, we are glad you stayed with us for as long as you did. 
     When the wind comes sweeping down the planes, you automatically think of Oklahoma and its in progress, full-blown Centennial. One hundred years of producing some really great contributions. So, the local Oakies got together and whooped it up not for the 100th time mind you, but for 100 minutes. Here’s to Oklahoma and all the people who come from there who live with us day by day here at Lakeside. Congratulations!
     This is station Ajijic 101 signing off ‘till next issue!