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Founded in 1987
Hidalgo #223
Chapala, Jalisco,
Mexico 45900
Tels. (376) 765-2877,
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Tod Jonson
Ektor Carranza

August 2007

     Somewhere between heaven and earth, we met a vibrant, intelligent, funny, clever lady and she’s the Consul and Trade Commissioner of Canada in Guadalajara. Kathryn Aleong. Her enormous knowledge of Civil Service duties does immediately put her best face forward for her adopted country: Canada! She accepted an invitation from the American Legion to appear at the Canada Day festivities on July 1. She became the sparkler that ignited good will among the 100 guests.

     The LCS 2007 version of the July Fiesta turned out to be more than expected. Between Children’s Art, the food court, and the Silent Auction, it was hard to decide in which arena to be found. Lynn Martin entertained with music while bidders chalked up silent auction sheets. This July Fiesta proved the best ever fund-raiser for the Student Aid Program at Wilkes’ Education Center. Now 21 students will be able to go to school. LCS thanks you. Barbara Downing won the five-minute shopping spree door prize at the new Shopping Mall. Barbara Garding won two Delta Airline tickets during the raffle, and Marti Hurley walked off with the Coxala Spa Package. Happiness was everywhere.

     Children in the winning circle at LCS. Saturday morning classes on the LCS campus have stimulated young artists to sharpen up their artistic minds and deliver the goods. During the July Fiesta three winners were brought to tears over the reception they received from the audience,  and their masterful teacher Mildred Boyd, as awards and prize money were presented to them for their outstanding contributions to Lakeside art. Left to right: Mildred Boyd (Art Program Director), Pedro Damian Valencia Guzman (age 15 third-place winner: (100 pesos), Luis Enrique Martinez Hernandez, (age 14 second- place winner: (200 pesos), Daria Francis Burke Diaz (age 10 first-place winner: (300 pesos), and Charlie Smith (LCS President, sponsoring this program with art patrons and teachers: Mildred Boyd, Judy Boyd- Turner and Lizz Drummond). The public is invited to observe these little artists at work any Saturday morning from 10 -12, noon.

     Childhood’s end—mourning clothes available. If you have a weak heart, read no further! This is a warning: Harry Potter has officially gone to the dark side of the publisher’s world. Allegedly this is the last book of the seven-part series. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix—the seventh and latest book-turned-movie based on author J.K. Rowling’s magical series opened in Ajijic to a three-week holdover. Editor’s note: out of the Harry Potter series of seven, Ms. Rowling (once a welfare, single mother of three) now has reportedly more money than the Queen of England. A note to her runaway husband: never leave home if you find your wife writing a book about children. You may be giving up a bloody fortune.

     Case of false appetizing: we went to an unnamed restaurant in Guadalajara the other night which presents all kinds of challenges, from tables "for 6 and 11 only" to a kitchen that ran out of steam at 9:15p.m. In the name of advertising, modern menus cheat, tease and sometimes outright lie...and add to the list the Surprise Moment, when a dish arrives bearing little or no resemblance to what you thought you’d ordered. In an age when chefs get their jollies breaking down barriers between cuisines, and waiters who are not trained to tell you what to expect, it’s anything goes on the plate, despite what the menu says.

     The next round of excitement for Los Cantantes is as invited guests to perform in Quito, Ecuador leaving August 3. Los Cantantes held a preview try-out concert in Club Oxigen before packing up and performing the same program of sacred and secular music designed for Ecuador. International fame was on call after their trip to Turkey last year. Keep your bags packed, singers, because another part of the world is being heard from for a similar tour during 2008.

     A new theatre idea is born and going from crawling into walking. Sydney Gay K., a vital lady from New York, wants to repeat the theatre adventures she had while living in New York City with her husband. The two of them scoured theatre haunts and found instant live theatre a la cabaret style a big hit. A repeat opportunity is being offered here at Lakeside. Rivoli Restaurant is in the process of out-fitting the dining room with lights and sound while actors are working on their material. Whereas popular Spanglish Improv deals with seven local stand-up comics in adlib, this new Showcase Theatre will be one performer at a time in variety.

     Family members of aviation ace Capt. Emilio Carranza observed the 79th memorial of Emilio’s fatal air crash by giving a small family dinner party in honor of their famous relative. Carmen and Ektor Carranza paid homage to their cousin here at Lakeside while mammoth ceremonies were being presented on July 14th in Mount Holley, New Jersey (fatal crash sight in 1928) and in México City (where he was interred in a splendid marble and golden monument in the Rotunda of the Illustrious). Mexican Air Force Band marched in parade style to the tomb while five five-star generals occupied the dais, along with the Mayor of México City.

     The time has come this year when hope floats no more…the winners of the Pamala L. Hall Awards are now known. Hang on to your paddle until August 14th when the El Ojo Del Lago Literary Award’s ceremony reveals the recipients of the year! Over-flow crowds are expected again on this writer’s day of days.

     This has nothing to do with the ego has landed, but may we take a poll of our El Ojo del Lago readers? Time and again we have been asked why a book containing Mildred Boyd’s fantastic Ojo articles has not been published. They represent an easy-read historical document on México, which most visitors to our area would snatch up in a minute to absorb all the legend-myths-history they can readily read. This book could be a giant asset to any traveler. If you agree or disagree, please contact Tod: tod921@prodigy.net.mx with an approval/rejection of the idea.

     Overly-long and flying on empty was much of the soggy firework displays held on this US Independence Day, July 4. Even the weather didn’t cooperate. The displays were awesome in some dry sections of the country, but it always seems a waste of money to me. If there was no hunger in the world, there were no street people, everyone had a job and was making a living, then one could say be frivolous. But it hurts to know these facts and still see the squandering of so much money. Pretty yes, but foolish! Prívate parties lakeside had exciting groups of people for lunch or dinner, but did not squander badly needed money on wasteful items. The thought would be better suited to put money into care packages for citizens in need and our elderly. This is a nicer thought that would have worked beautifully.

     This is a very special invitation to become a patron of the Niños Incapacitados! All charities here at Lakeside are important because of the great deeds they do. Niños Incapacitados has the heart of impaired children in their hands...and they are doing something about it. Contact Jane Hainsworth (766-1937) or email (cangomex@yahoo.ca) to become involved.

     Mexico took a winning post in the new Seven Wonders of the World contest. Chichén Itzá was entered into the ultimate popularity contest in a worldwide sweepstakes creating the newest Seven ‘Wonders of the World. This fabulous monument to the ancient Mayan culture of México is a work of architectural art. Chichén Itzá was the most cosmopolitan of Mayan capitals. Unlike the original Seven Wonders, selected by Greek observers 2,200 years ago, the new list won’t be a product of painstaking research, but of high-tech Internet technology. 100 million people cast their votes at www.new7wonders.com. On July 6 in Lisbon, Portugal, one of the seven finalists was México’s Chichén Itzá. There was a gala event featuring actress Jennifer Lopez with astronaut Neil Armstrong along with Mexican officials who openly admitted that this new wonder would draw hundreds of thousands new visitors each year to the Mayan Temples resting on the Yucatan Peninsula. The other six winners were: China’s Great Wall, Italy’s Rome Coliseum, India’s Taj Mahal, Jordan’s Petra, Peru’s Machu Picchu, and Brazil’s Statue of Christ. 100,000,000 simply cannot be wrong!

     When entertainment artists get together you can expect explosions of mirth, laughter, song, and theatrical excitement. Funny lady Shirley Haverland, song stylist Millicent Brandow, and all-round theatre lady Cíndy Paul are busy mounting a show that surely will be a must-see! All three deliver every time they are on stage, so the only thing this latest musical comedy review needs is an audience. Open Mike Talent Club spreads their wings the first three Mondays of every month, at 6:30pm at Melanie’s in Hotel Danza del Sol. No minimum or cover is required. Part of this entertainment package is that the Talent Club Showcase occupies the last Monday of the month, same time, same place. During this show, Jimmy Barto followers can enjoy his golden trumpet and excellent sound system. No dress-up required, just go and be entertained with a four-star attraction worth an evening out on the town.

     The Golden Strings are all polished and shining brightly. Eight years ago (1999), a number of musically-driven students went begging for someone to care even a little bit for them by helping develop their talents into careers. Victor, of the famous Medeles family of musicians, had already created the Ajijic Children’s Choir. Jon Esquivel was busy doing concerts with over-flow audiences. Marvin Harthcock had a heart as big as all outdoors. These three joined forces and decided to mold fresh young talents into musical names that could reach all over México. First time out, the popularity was so enormous that The Golden Strings was formed. Designed to keep talented kids off the streets and out of trouble, Golden Strings took on fame. On July 15 to an almost full auditorium, some 50 young talents entertained beautifully to sounds we all heard and appreciated. Everyone Lakeside should follow closely this sound: it’s got rhythm, melody, spirit and heart. A new concert is in preparation. You simply should not be disappointed when next they play our fair city, if you come out in big support.

     The Music Appreciation Society resorted to magic by pulling another rabbit out of the hat when MAS Director Beverly Ely Denton and, "my Spanish-speaking angel, Luis Romero," charmed Guadalajara’s Ministry of Culture into a draft agreement to deliver the Concert Grande Steinway Piano back to the Ajijic Auditorium. On the strength of this achievement, the season is now set and available along with season tickets. Call MAS (765-6409) for your place in front of the growing line.
     This is Ajijic Station 101. signing off until next time!

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