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  2. Thx for looking out for us Thursday shoppers!
  3. Thanks to all of you which replied with helpful info. And a big thank you for allowing me to demonstrate my lack of typing skills (Chapals) and my cultural ignorance. (That's not late by Mexican standards) Cheers to all.
  4. And that's the kind of thing that I love about these guys. They are never going to rip you off. May I suggest that you also pull out the fridge and clean the condenser coils and fan with a vacuum cleaner if possible. I had a huge drawer on wheels made that goes under my fridge to make it easier to pull out to access the back. Clean machine is happy machine.
  5. If your point is that you make no sense, yes, you have proved it.
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  7. Come on guys. I learn so much here. Then when things are just getting interesting, politics comes up and then the mods lock the topic. And yes I have very strong political opinions as well, and if I were to post them, not only would the string be locked but I bet I would be banned for life Please don't get this string get locked.
  8. Thanks all! I reached Gualberto by phone and he suggested turning off the frig for some hours and the problem would likely be solved. It worked! Fan is working well again.
  9. Saying that talking the right kind of politics and personal attacks are allowed here is “trashing others” but saying “Yep, that is a typical Libtard response” is fine and dandy. 🤣
  10. Actually mine said it covered me for emergencies out of the US. YMMV
  11. There is another one who can't alway seem to get her way, so thinks its ok to trash others.
  12. It will be effective when the government tells us and I am sure the Guad Reporter will keep us in the loop. I do understand the Mechanic in Chapala has closed up shop and left the area.
  13. Does anyone know if the vehicle emission is still supposed to be effective in July and also if the place in Chapala will be authorized to do the testing? Muchas gracias.
  14. My husband and I did that 15 years ago. We signed up for Seguro Popular government sponsored insurance as a backup but have paid all our (considerable) medical expenses out of pocket. That has included cataract surgery, disc surgery, a stent and some trips for accidental injuries to the Ajijic Clinic. It has been possible to do this easily since we dropped our Part B Medicare costs. As it is, all our medical expenses over the years we have lived here are lower than Part B would have cost. Also, we have not taken yearly trips to the U.S. for visits or shopping. Our grown kids know they have to visit us, and they do, at which time we spoil then rotten. For shopping needs that we can't find locally, there's Amazon and other U.S. shippers. We are very glad we took that "walk on the wild side" and moved. It's been a pleasure. I have negative feelings about people who fail to get the government sponsored insurances at a very low cost and then throw fundraisers to get others to pay their medical bills, but maybe that's just hard-nosed me.😉
  15. Yes, instead one could live in the U.S. another 15 years in and and out of hospitals, then watching tv all day in Medicare nursing homes, and finally end up strapped in a wheel chair in a soggy diaper. Old saying, “I am here for a good time, not for a long time.”
  16. Politics and personal attacks are allowed if they are the right kind.
  17. Politics get thee hence! Where's the mod?
  18. Probably more folks than you realize at lakeside have done just that. Probably the majority are happy they did so. For the ones who aren't they have either moved back NOB where they have Medicare or Canadian health coverage or they get their friends to throw a "benefit" this or that to help them pay. It's ever been thus at the lake, why tell anyone don't come? We're all going to die and for some quality of life is more important than quantity of life. YMMV
  19. Yes, I too have the criminal derangement syndrome.
  20. The OP headed his post VUMI medical insurance and then never mentioned it again. Was he, by chance, asking about this insurance policy?
  21. Yep, that is a typical Libtard response. Your politics are showing. Can't resist that Trump bashing can you? Got that syndrome bad, don't you?
  22. Unfortunately true. FATCA was passed in 2010 by uknowwho. As a result a lot of foreign banks dumped their expat customers, particularly in Europe. We pay tax to both Mexico and U.S. on our Mexican investment income. You do get some credit on the U.S. tax return for the Mexican tax return.
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