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  2. Can't an American still go to Cuba? Why not just leave from where we live, here in Mexico?
  3. If I was an American I would be quite annoyed that my government was restricting my movements.
  4. If you feed the gold fish all you have to do is place net on bottom of water and when they come for the feed you just raise the net.
  5. rafterbr


    I agree out of the assorted 140 restaurants in Ajijic this is my favorite. I usually get one of the specials and I am surprised how they are consistently good. I know Arturo 's family owns the building but I am not sure of actual size. Some of the adjoining business's may be in overall building an eligible for Cocinart expansion.
  6. What is a Libtard? Is that supposed to be something bad? I get the feeling (in this thread) that it is kind of meant to be an insult whereas I thought that the poster was very cognitive about the problem of travel to another country which hadn´t existed before and had nothing to do with elections or politics. Does travelling to Cuba make you political? I´m sure both Republicans and Democrats have made that trip as tourists, so either could be Libtsrds.
  7. How sad they don't have you on their editorial decision-making board.
  8. I ported my number, just as John Shrall did. When you take the modem back to Telmex, remember to take the charger with it.
  9. Mini-splits can be either..... cool only or heat/cool. The second might be called a heat pump but that is over my pay grade. Where to find a repair person for yours is also...... past my grade so I'll just tee-off. 🏌️‍♂️
  10. Yesterday
  11. you're looking for Gloria's. Great ribs, on the Lake side, sorry I don't remember more specific directions.
  12. Our metal roof in Bisbee was very noisy...no insulation and under a "bowling ball" tree (quince the size of softballs). But I do like metal roofs....I love the sound of the rain on it. The bowling balls, not so much
  13. Very old print of a picture, maybe 100 years old. 27 by 33 inches. 2000 pesos. felixbb@yahoo.com
  14. Hi Spencer,

    I am a permanent resident of Mexico and lost the top half of the FMM card I filled out upon flying out last week. Will be flying home to Ajijic on Jun 26 and wonder what I need to do to ensure I retain my permant residency status

  15. I have ten of these beauties, made from a Guamuchil treee I had to take down. Ideal to serve tapas, apetizers, cheese, etc. They have been brushed and natural, ready to stain or keep natural. Average size 12 inches. felixbb@yahoo.com
  16. Excelente shape outside, somewhat used inside, working fine. 62 height, 32 wide and 30 deep. 2000 pesos. Excelente estado exterior, algo usado en el interior, funcionando bien. 157cm alto, 82cm de ancho y de profundidad 76 cm. 2 mil pesos. felixbb@yahoo.com
  17. First, I'd recommend Dennis the Handyman, he did a great job on our roof. I don't remember all the steps but it took several days. Speaks English Cell 331 840 3797 We lived in the Colorado mountains with both heavy rain and hail - the metal roof was never as noisy as I had expected it to be.
  18. Shelves I am not using, can sell all or individually, long ones are 124 by 19 CM or 48 by 7.5 inches. I have 5 of theses. The short ones are 86.5 by 19 CM or 34 by 7.5 inches I have 3 of these. 100 pesos each, any size. felixbb@yahoo.com
  19. @RickS You can probably file for an emergency claim from here; at least that's what I did with a private insurer in 2010 (before I was on Medicare). Now I am on Medicare with a Medigap supplement (NOT Advantage) through a group plan with my former employee. I asked my benefits office about living in MEX with or without a US address and their written answer was the same: I would be fully covered anywhere in the US (of course it has to be a Medicare provider, that is de rigueur for any Medigap coverage) and I would be covered in MEX (or any foreign country) for emergencies during the first 60 days of any trip outside the US (outside US coverage has limitations and deductibles that my US coverage does not). They do not care if I use a TX mail fwding address or whether I have a US residence or not. I would have to pay for the foreign medical care and file for reimbursement. For the heck of it, I contacted a number of non-group Medigap plans and not one of them wanted to cover me if I did not have a US residence. Most seemed to be OK with my having a US and a MEX residence and again, only emergency coverage outside the US with limitations/first 60 days. I say "seemed" as they all said I would have to make an application for a policy and any 'issues' would be ironed out then.
  20. Ilox assigns every new customer a new phone number but you can port your existing Telmex number over very easily. I switched about 6 weeks ago and have had no problems. As soon as the port was complete I took the modem back to the office and totally cancelled service. Once your phone number has been ported it belongs to Ilox.
  21. Bisbee Gal


    They have a Help Wanted sign up for servers and it states, for their "expansión." Anyone know more about that?
  22. My favorite place.
  23. lakeside7


    This restaurant, located #4D , 16th de Septiembre, must be one of the very few establishments that continues to offer great food and service at very reasonable prices, consistently, time after time after time, it is a gem We were there this Sunday.... as were many others for fathers Day's lunch, albeit very busy and noisy..... the waiters and kitchen did a great job
  24. Have you tried Soylent Green? 😀
  25. I agree. However, I thought that "mini splits" were the type that put out heat or cold air. So, do you know where to get a "cold air only" "mini split" repaired?🙃
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