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  2. You really think by trying to use that old bilge-water adage " you can't make up your own facts" on us is going to do you any good? Oh, my.
  3. You really think by trying to use that old bilge-water " you can't have your own facts" on us is going to do you any good? Oh, my.
  4. I did not "interpret" the law...it is quite clear. You are free to state your opinions, but the facts are the facts, and no matter how hard you, and others, try to change them, as i say "Get over It!"
  5. If I died my dog would also die. I've left him with friends a few times for my border runs. He never took a bite of food (he eats ham, pork, chicken and beef) in all those occasions. If lifespan stats are accurate we both should die at about the same time. He's 4, I'm over 4.
  6. Actually, I am an Independent, ever since I left the Democratic Party after LBJ. I guess not only Republicans vote against Democrats, so do many of us. BTW, did I state something that was not the way it is? Seems that you would be more concerned that I stated something incorrect than attacking my political background, no? Can't get rid of that "trump derangement syndrome", can you? Just think about how stupid the party I left is: they lost an election they "rigged" and they lost an investigation they "rigged" !
  7. I agree and always say, "Senior dogs for Seniors". Now worry about training, being underfoot and tripping or outliving one for years and years. Adopt and give a Senior Dog some love for the last years and it will give much back.
  8. Please..many people here would like to adopt . Please consider your age . It is not fair to the doggie if the person can Not walk it or to take care of it properly . Worse yet the individual has to get rid of the pet after a short time due to illness .when my mother died , My father adopted a little Yorkie , shortly after he became ill ..( 78 years old .) . He had to give up his Yorkie (which broke his heart) . Most people would think that at least the pet would have some time in a loving home . But what happens when you have to re-home ? I am very sure there will be many people who don’t agree with me . But please look at previous posts on other threads .
  9. No matter what subject comes up you can always count on some to bring up their warped sense of politics. Are you on some political party payroll. Do you feel compelled to espouse your point of view? We are not supposed to be talking of politics here.
  10. I thought someone who will be back from the states in two weeks said he wanted them?
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  12. I did say the majority of expats. We have expats from all over the world here, not just the US. I have to think most would not go into a restaurant in their home countries dressed like they are going to work in the back forty.
  13. Spoken like a true Texas Republican. I don't think that folks are 'surprised' but rather trying to be alert to their circumstances should they need to cross the border into the US any time soon.
  14. Huh? You want to buy a car? Google segundamano. Click on autos. You'll see a thousand. Many of those private sellers will take it to your home, just offer them some gas money if a deal doesn't come to be. Then pick up your cell phone, messages/write message/ adeudo (space), the licence number/ send to 90123/wait a few seconds and a message will come. It will tell you if this auto has any outstanding debts. To get the licence number ask him/her for it in the email you send him with your queries about the car. If he hesitates don't walk, run. Next problem is your plates. Get a signed receipt, the circulation card in his wallet and a factura from the seller. Take it to the "DMV'' pay what's due. Done like dinner.
  15. Leave that out. A few decades ago the lexicographers deemed it unnecessary. You see it used to be used to divide two complete sentences, and still does in Spanish. "I know that you love me." "I know you love me." Now doesn't that sound better, even to an L2? a week imitation? Good one! What day of the week is the imitation? I'm surprized this post is still going. Surprized is no longer used. That's why there's a red line under it. And that's just a small portion of your amateur rant. And too this forum is not a theses or dissertation. Too proper is what assholes do. Like wearing a gown to a cockfight. An old quote: Even if you spoke perfect English who would you speak it to? (to whom would you speak it). See it's a joke ... You're a joke as well. You came on the attack, in so doing you fell on your face, hitting the floor you somehow got your foot caught in your mouth.
  16. None of this should come as a surprise to anyone. The Congress would not provide more funds to hire Immigration judges to expedite asylum seekers, nor funds to hire more Border Patrol agents, remember (there was no crisis at the Border). So with the crisis that "does not exist", the government has been forced to take personnel from many crossing ports to handle the tremendous influx of "imaginary" seekers, thus leaving the points of entry extremely short-handed. They could not take agents from the field, so there was no other place to take them. Do not expect more that 2-3 lanes open when there are 15 available because the man-power does not exist to open them. Expect long wait times to travel NOB. BTW, I think the Mexicans who go North every day for school, work, shopping, etc. will be as unhappy as we will. It is what the people in Congress wanted, so if you are unhappy, you now know the rest of the story.
  17. To purchase AND register a car, one must have a Temporal or Permanente visa. I would suggest contacting Spencer at S&S auto... You pay the same price as at the auto dealers in Guad... I have purchased two new and one used from Spencer with excellent results... S&S phone: 765-4800...
  18. I am surprized that this post is still going. Moderators must be on holiday or perhaps they want to show the "diversity" of local residents.
  19. You can get a mammogram at the xray place across from Quality Care and Quality Care does the ultrasounds. Approx 1200 pesos for both.
  20. Didn't say anything about "other info" that can't be found. Said you could get all the info you need at the office. And as pointed out, prices not relevant to us. No point in me posting a link that's not accurate for us. Who needs the retribution from this board?
  21. Have tried several places. Anyone seen any?
  22. Appreciate receiving information about the HOW TO and WHAT ONE NEEDS to buy a new car in Lakeside area/JALISCO. What visa or other registration status is required? Thanks
  23. Auspicious timing for a Church garage sale...to say the least.
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