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  3. Change VPN providers. I deposited my stimulus check with CapOne and IPVanish.
  4. For the past 4 months, I've been waiting for Alex Peterson to bring my great-grandmother's little table to me when he was in Santa Fe, NM for another transport. But, Covid got in the way....now, Alex has decided he will no longer be continuing that part of his business - driving to the States and back, and suggested I post here. Is anyone coming down this way from Santa Fe with a truck? Deb.
  5. When I flew home from Paris to Mexico City to Guadalajara on AeroMexico my bags were checked through directly to Guadalajara. Once in Guadalajara my bags were not checked.
  6. VPN no longer works for CapOne 360. Worked for me in the past, but not now.
  7. The company will spend the time and money to replace it. I was upfront with them.
  8. Highly recommend this movie. I had the pleasure of meeting her in Ajijic several years ago. She's 97 now; movie was made a few years ago and it's fun to watch her driving her stick-shift truck around Michoacan where she continues to live. We were able to watch it via Amazon Prime US....charge was about 6 USD. https://www.dianakennedymovie.com/
  9. No need to...I deposit into Credit Union and can transfer to US bank(s) if I want to.
  10. Recently received an unexpected US government check by mail (not the stimulus check). Was able to deposit through app with a credit union. Credit unions don't seem to care where you live; at least neither of ours do. OTOH, when I tried to use app for a US bank, got an immediate message saying, no deposits allowed from the country you are in.
  11. How did you do it? I have a couple of Govt Checks and cant figure out how or where to cash them. Ive been sent on several goose chases.
  12. Ive done it a few times and used uber. There are lots of Ubers in Guad. Lately running around Guad the wait for arrival of an uber has been just a couple of minutes. If you have never used Uber then ask your friends for their Uber referral Promocion code (everybody has one) or look online and you will get credit to cover the first ride or even a couple. Soriana had a Code for I think it was 150 peso credit and thats enough for a few rides inside Guad.
  13. From July 15, no changes to Chapala or Joco numbers; added 1 in Ixtlahuacan. Hospitals in Jalisco at 27.4% capacity. PÁGINA 🔴 | Por tercer día consecutivo, #Chapala y #Jocotepec siguen sin reportar casos nuevos de Covid-19, manteniéndose en 37 y 47 casos, respectivamente. Al corte de este miércoles 15 de julio, #IxtlahuacánDeLosMembrillos sumó un caso y llega a 45. Con dos nuevos, #Ocotlán acumula ya un total de 146 casos.
  14. I find the biggest problem is that the same medicine has one name up north and another in Mexico. For example the sleeping pill Estazolam is called Tasedan in Mexico. My thiroud
  15. The Angus ground beef at Walmart is the best, and if they don´t have it, I wait until they do. Their premium ground beef is OK if you have to have ground beef.
  16. Works great and he is excellent.
  17. What is the name and / or generic name of the medication? Don't assume it is not available - a lot of things are "available" readily, even that local Dr's do not know about. Post it and you may be surprised at what you find out. And the timing needed - people are flying back and forth and perhaps someone can carry it down.
  18. Our local electrician says they are not made anylonger. Can anyone recommend a store that might have one? Will go to Guadalajara if necessary. Spoke to two there stores but had language barriers. TIA
  19. There is a new facility opening up in September in Riberas. It is small and health conscious -- only enough rooms for 6 people -- but with a nice garden and plenty of space. They are offering food and partial or semi assistance (but it's not a fully assisted living facility). It will be managed by two ladies with experience -- one is Mexican and the other is from the Philippines who has a degree in nursing. They are both very good at housekeeping and good cooks as well. For more information send an email to: FrriendlyLivingLakeside@gmail.com
  20. Glad that seems to be working out for you. Now, who is going to get the vehicle with the burned out wiring harness??? Caveat Emptor?
  21. Damn I have been there several times but did not recognize the fotos. And yes the museum near the square is really worth the time. The guide there that I had was blind and he walked me thru the entire museum never missing a beat. The stories and displays of the antiquos (ancients) were fascinating. A great experience. I want to go back now and I hope he is still there. His history was that he was working in Calif and one weekend had some problems so he drank Tequila to excess, went to the hospital, fell into a coma, and then woke up blind. Super nice guy. There are many great pueblos in that area. Thanks for sharing.
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