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  2. As in Jerry Mayfield's song ...I'm still on the green side of the grass...
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  4. I used Lakeside Medical also and I was please with the service and the staff.
  5. I have rented from Lakeside Medical on the Caretera, lake side, near a liquor store. The machine was great and the staff provided instructions.
  6. I want to rent or buy a oxygen concentrater, where are available lakeside...
  7. It went off completely at my house in lower Riberas at 8:45 am and just came back on at 12:15 pm. Don't really know what happened in between because I was out having brunch.
  8. I don't know about the rest of you but my income is half what it use to be. Saving money as lakeside7 did is a bright thing to me. In the states my medical is free but here I have to pay for it. Saving money on medicine, food, transportation, etc should make any one happy. As they say in Australia, Good on you, lakeside7.
  9. Don't know, but she was very caring person !
  10. it keeps fluctuating from ON to OFF every few minutes....frustrating...
  11. Hi Mer Thanks for your input but I am not a nervous explorer. Also you are the only one that I have heard say prepare to payoff people when driving the Mexican hwy. I am glad you had someone drive you through Mexico as I am sure you would have been a total wreck by the time you would have reached Ajijic. Again, thanks for commenting.
  12. Was it David, or perhaps Daniel? Does the place still exist? I had heard that he 'retired' to Mazatlan when we were last there, more than a dozen years ago. Good memories, but the details are fading............ I imagine that the new 40D has made those little towns even more isolated.
  13. Back at original location by Sorianas
  14. Charlie was always smiling and happy. He had the absolute best attitude about life. He told me he made the decision early in life to be happy everyday. Our entire village will miss you Charlie. ❤️
  15. Fisio New Life Behind Ajijic hospital, across form Gossips. Lucy the physical therapist is gifted and has magical hands, really cares about what she is doing and gets results you must go see at least once to compare. If you want to get well she the one.to see
  16. What a incredible individual, he put others before his self, he changes the lives of so many at lakeside. He helped with me advice 4 years ago at the Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. woodworking school, in starting the Bingolago on Tuesdays His advice was down to earth and right on, made a difference. My deep heart felt condolences to his family.
  17. Need update please, is it still at temporary location at Christina Park?
  18. STI Solar Technology, they also just installed the new large solar electric system for the Cruz Roja Chapala. contact is: ron(at)solartechnology.com.mx change (at) to @ for emailing.
  19. Charlie, was the person the whole community knew. So much to say but, soon everybody will respond here. My deepest condolence to the family.
  20. Honored to have known and spent time with him! In our hearts forever.
  21. Driving from the NW it is a push miles-wise to come down the coast and cross at Nogales and spend 3 days on the toll roads in Mexico as opposed to angling down SE to Texas and cross at Columbia Bridge (8am open) and make it to Ajijic in one day. Not sure where to get the car sticker as we have always had a Mex car so no help there.
  22. Rigo at Coctail bar is selling his. I dont have any details.
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