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  2. Her brakes repeatedly failed? Looks more like she repeatedly failed to apply the brakes properly until the last moment before the fruit stand. In any event, it sure does indicate some very slow reflexes to a problem that she could have reacted to a whole lot quicker. Coming from a dead stop parked to where it wound up through the glass would be understandable if she was moving down the Carretera and lost control and wound up where she did. And who would have "planted" skid marks later?.....Pancho?.....Bomberos?.....the lady herself? Talk about conspiracy theories.
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  4. Calm down and carry on Bonbelle, it is quite evident that you are not all one and the same, at least, that you are not. You sent out a coupe of false positives that had some people thinking that but that´s all in the past. Have a good day and keep on doing what you´re doing. pappysmarket is not mean at all, in fact he´s curmudgeonly friendly.
  5. Tire looks really straight to me. Just sayin"
  6. what is that supposed to mean... or are you just mean. all i am doing is reading here. is that allright with you? or am i banned for reading and bothering no one
  7. Thanks pappy The Celtic pagan circle overlaid with a Roman Catholic cross combining the ancient religion with Christianity. The largest stone Celtic crosses in the world, three of them, 1500 years old and between 20 to 30 ft. high, are in a cemetery about an hour north of Dublin. There is a smaller one with my family name in the same cemetery. When I took my Mexican grand daughters there, they were impressed. The name of the place is Monasterboice and is on the tourist list of places to visit. I had not seen or heard of the place/photo that you posted. Thanks again BTW, that other Irishman with the initials S. C., formerly of Calle Zaragosa, Ajijic, says, Hi...Well, actually, he didn´t say anything but I will tell him too,,,,,
  8. The car won't be leaving mexico, storing it in my brothe rin laws garage while flying out. I did actually drive my truck back home one christmas and reenter on the same TIP & tourist card. I always cancel the TIP on leaving mexico even with a 10 year. I have seen the scenario you describe more than once. I am now hearing you can actually can have a foreign plated RV in mexico under a 10 year TIP with residente permanente status. if true I do need to confirm this but that is what is looks like on the SATsite and I know a couple that are doing that. I need to have my Mexican partner call SAT and confirm or debunk that. Under regs for cars, they distinctly state you cannot have a foreign plated car when you have permanente. In the section on Casa Rodantes there is no mention of it. Its a new one on me. and Sonia too, if true. I suspect you cannot get a 10 year if you already have permanente, but I am thinking if you already have it, they dont care. Probably can't renew it. If you can read Spanish check it out. Its there in English as well, but I dont trust anything but the spanish version. A mistranslation on truck weights on the banjercito site has caused all sorts of issues with that issue. http://omawww.sat.gob.mx/aduanas/vehiculos/importacion_temporal/Paginas/automoviles.aspx http://omawww.sat.gob.mx/aduanas/vehiculos/importacion_temporal/Paginas/casas_rodantes.aspx
  9. i have a handmade very unusual desk and chair...1 of only 6 made by an artist in Santa fe NM, i also have a large antique...weathered look bungarian kitchen hutch...and a wiker coffe table for indoors or out on a porch or terraza... if you are interested in any of these pm me and i will send pictures and pricing. the kitchen hutch can come apart. i used the long bottom piece with 2 cabinet doors and put a long rustic candalabra on it. the top piece with shelves i put in an extra bedroom and used as a low bookcase. let me know
  10. It appears that when she hit the heavy wooden fruit stand, her car jerked to the left as she pushed the fruit stand further into the store.
  11. Handy Artistic reupholstered my sofa and two chairs, but neither of them a recliner. Happy with results.
  12. The skid marks don't appear to align with the car. Added later?
  13. Nice B S walk back !
  14. yes but no plate mount, I just carry it in the glove box. In Bc they have to be licensed
  15. HandiArtistic redid a Lazyboy recliner for us a couple of years ago. We were very happy with the result. Sadly I can't remember the cost.
  16. MarkWebbles you only go to jailwhen someones hurt , not when they could have been. No injury so no jail. Everyone has insurrance so it is only material damageand it could happen again. That is life .
  17. A mother and daughter were injured by flying glass. They were buying oranges, so you can see how close they were by looking at the foto. Could easily have been so much worse.
  18. I would question "brake failure". She had to drive to Pancho's and likely used her brakes several times before she got there and even to park. Perhaps she bled the brakes dry BUT you can tell when your brakes are working - it is either really hard to push the pedal or really easy i.e. thru the floor. Common sense should kick in and you don't continue to drive. AND there are skid marks on the floor so .....
  19. A relative, is she? "NO ONE was hurt". That is irrelevant to the matter, someone quite easily could have been. Wrong gear, bad brakes, the poles changed north for south, yadda yadda, yadda. I have seen a picture where there is a skid mark just under the front tire. What a gullible twat you are, or are you just a bad liar? Not that they're mutually exclusive.
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  21. I can't believe the crap on this thread. NO ONE was hurt. I was there; spoke with the lady. Yes, she got in the wrong gear, and as bad luck would have it, her brakes repeatedly failed. She has insurance. Pancho has insurance. The woman is incredibly distraught, and Pancho is pretty upset himself... just think of what they are both going through. By the way, she has her driver's license, and the postulation that people come down here and avoid having such a thing is ageist and ridiculous. A gigantic unfounded rumour within a rumour. Shame.
  22. Gracias; he will be at my casa tomorrow for some emergency repairs.
  23. Well, there you go!! Thanks for that information, Bisbee Gal, because this is exactly what the food is ... comida Mexicana. Similar to other Mexican restaurants here and if that is what people are going there to experience they will have a great time. We had not seen the FB page and was going by the recommendation on this Board that called it Tex-Mex and our taste buds were soooooooooo ready for some. I have been told that Mexicans do serve their food lukewarm to cold but I have not had that experience in a very long time. So, this is probably the real deal.
  24. Not quite sure of his last name; speaks very good english; seems he changed his phone number since last time i used him. Anyone have his phone number.
  25. For Slainte: Ireland's Celtic Cross can only be seen from above when the leaves change each autumn. Carefully planted by forester Liam Emmery, it was completely forgotten about after he died=until 10 years later, when a nearby filmmaker launched a drone and found a surprise hidden in his footage.
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