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  2. if you have tools to donate please drop them off at the school. if you need them picked up let me know. If you know of someone that has passed away and has a tool shop, they can donate them to the school or we can help you sell them. Several of our graduates are need tools. and other local carpenters have asked if we have any tools for sale.
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  4. http://www.rentallocatersmx.com/home.htm
  5. And living in the rain capital of America you should be an expert!
  6. Even the smoked pork hock is not in stock a lot more often. I used to buy alleged lamb loin chops there. I say that because I stopped buying it because real lamb is not tough no matter what part of the carcass and especially the loin. In the past year started buying rib eye which was excellent but every time that I dropped by lately it wasn't available. Pictured are lamb loin chops.
  7. The rainy season! New rule: Official start date is when one inch of rainfall is reached AND the monsoon pattern is clearly established. I'll go first. Bisbee Gal: June 7 Johansen: June 14 Mainecoons: June 15 Ronhereagain: June 20
  8. I've had erratic experience at Tony's recently. Not much on display and no hamburger. When I asked for it, I was offered stew meat. I knew that might not be a great idea. The butcher ground it and didn't add any fat. It was awful. Well it wasn't hamburger. This old stand by appears to be going down hill.
  9. Canada! Why on earth would you want to travel there? I can arrange a tour of Borneo headhunter villagers if you like. Much safer than dealing with Newfy seal hunters and their metal bats, or the Mounties and there twelve foot lances. The "funny money" there with it's wildly confusing psychedelic colors, you are bound to get cheated. What other country names their coins after birds?
  10. What does the first, number one, top definition say? TOP DEFINITION jillin The sensation of jamming, (to music, or anything) while chilling. Mostly done at home. Did you see Tommy today? He was totally jillin out at his house!
  11. Hey guys I'm selling my 2017 Nissan Versa. It's white in color and like new condition. Get's excellent gas mileage if interested please send me a message on whatsapp to 4445194818 (mexican number) I'm asking for 174,999 pesos. The vehicle is a mexican car. Thanks. John
  12. Try running jilliing through your urban dict, Angus. Jilling is the female opposite to male jacking. Is wanker 2000 an acceptable handle on a "hoping to be decent" website?
  13. First, steam cleanng is good *unless* you have a pillow mattress. If you do, you'll destroy the feathers. Amazon sells some matress covers that supposedly are so tight nothing gets through the You might investigate that.
  14. I was connected yesterday. I am a prepaid customer on the Carretera in West Ajijic. I saw them string the line past my house several months back. I emailed them one month ago and was promised a reply from another department. Nothing...so I emailed again, apologies and was told they lost my order, then had an appointment for one week ago. No show...no notification. I emailed again....another apology....trouble with the main line. With no appointment a very efficient young man showed up yesterday and installed the cable and modem. He easily followed my suggestions and was all done in 2 hours. Package is 75 MB and phone. My average download speed is 68 (up to 79) MBPS without VPN. When I test with fast.com it shows an enormous drop using VPN 20 to 30 MBPS. I verified with speedtest.com and got the same without VPN but with VPN it showed a drop of only 2 to 4 MBPS. I therefore tried a timed test opening my email service. Using a server in Texas, my email program opened slightly faster with VPN connected. This makes me dubious of fast.com's accuracy with a VPN. I encountered minor buffering using VPN, KODI and Real Debrid on 2 shows (720 hd). Other shows were fine. This can be a factor of the stream provider [ e.g. seriesonline, directdl, etc] Time will tell. I am currently happy with the ILOX service. Thanks to Tom!!
  15. Lost her contact information. Anyone have a phone number or email? Gracias
  16. I live in Roca and my AT&T works perfect. At my nursing home I have both AT&T works well and my Telcel worked well for a month and now has been out the few days.
  17. This is exactly what I was looking for Ferret! THANKS so much!
  18. I am a Canadian non resident living in Mexico, planning to spend a few months in Canada visiting friends and family. 😁
  19. The next General Meeting will be on Monday, June 3, 2019 at the la Bodega restaurant on 16 de Septiembre in Ajijic. Coffee from 9:30. Meeting at 10:00 All those who are either artists at any level, craftspeople, students or simply interested in art are welcome to attend the meeting free of charge. Check it out and if you decide to become members and participate in our shows, our treasurer will be happy to sign you up. There is usually a demonstration or film after the short business meeting. Newcomers to Lakeside...welcome!
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