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  2. Because I haven't taken any photos.
  3. Is the poop-in-the-box test available here? I used it in the US, covered in full by Medicare. NO prep. It may not be as extensive as colonoscopy but I never did a colonoscopy, but I did this. So in that sense, good for many. https://www.cologuardtest.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwhuvlBRCeARIsAM720HrMoXURCuyUZCR_iA1FAGP4S83E63Q63FMdnwWBO7L0OQo5eohipbQaAjz0EALw_wcB
  4. ...Put another log on the fire...
  5. Some people just don't like extra chemicals in their body. It is just a personal choice. Twice after having my defibrillator replaced, the doctor give me Oxycontin. Never took one.
  6. Knowing their final destination might be a first step in answering that question. Otay Mesa and Matamoros are quite a ways apart. Forget San Ysidro.
  7. A friend from the States has been vacationing in Mexico for a few weeks...before the delays at the border crossings. They are heading home now and asked which crossing has the least delay right now. Anyone know?
  8. Tiny, my meter was installed maybe 12 years ago. Thanks for updating me. I am not surprised but did not know that CFE had upgraded their meters. Again thanks for the update.
  9. I was at El Jardin , when a person brought her little cute doggie .. preceded to yap, yap, yap..the whole time . A stray ran up to it and bit it ! The owner of the little dog was visibly upset [ as well as other. Customers ]. However she didn’t leave with her dog . Then there was the time at Nanette’s when they were in the hotel . A woman brought her dog in and was told dogs were not allowed . She made a BIG stink over it . ! I thought the law was .... a dog could be at a restaurant only if it outside . Can not be IN the restaurant though .
  10. After that short posting (HAHAHA), what was posted is true if everything is working correctly. HAHAHAHA My meter displays the information differently. It flashes two numbers with a code. Code 1.8 is what you use. Code 2.8 is what your system sent to CFE.
  11. This is normal behavior for biker "gangs". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yipVhZfcIw
  12. That's justathought and justachoice.
  13. This will help. If you have a solar panel system that is set up as normal where when the panels generate more electricity than you are consuming, it sends the excess electricity back to CFE. And you have a meter reading for that. But at night you will be drawing electricity from CFE and you need a meter for that. OK houses without solar only draw power from CFE. They draw power that is measured by Kilowatt hour. So for the simple house with no solar you have a meter with 5 numbers that can measure from 1 to 99,999 Kilowatt hours. Typically the electric meter reader comes once every two months and notes the increase in the value of the number shown. Typically a frugal person will use maybe 300 Kilowatt hours or units per billing period while a big spender might use ten times that much. Now should you have solar panels, where the extra electricity in the sunny day is sent back to CFE you need a second meter to show much extra energy you produce and sell back to CFE. Guess what? The two new meters for the solar users are combined into one meter, The numbers shown on the left side of this double meter are the units of electricity received from CFE and the set of numbers on the right side of the meter show the amount one sells back to the CFE. I hope that my explanation makes at least some sense. If not I am sorry. Oh and just to help to explain what a kilowatt hour is. If you have ten 100 watt light bulbs burning for one hour you have consumed 1000 watts for an hour. or 1000 watts per hour which is one kilowatt hour or for short, one KWH. And your electric company charges you by the number of KWH you consume per billing period
  14. I said "Half of Europe and some countries in Asia do it. I'm not suggesting it but it's an option." You've choices.
  15. Really ? Would a person really go through it without sedation ? There are a few curves in the colon the scope has to maneuver . Not a good time !
  16. Post photos of your last 2 bills, front and back (black out your name etc.). A picture is worth un mil palabras.
  17. Today
  18. I have taken photos of my meter readings and looking at my bill but I have to admit I have NO idea what I'm looking at. Would someone be willing to call me and explain this bill to me? I just heard on another list that someone's neighbor who has solar and never has an electric charge just got a bill for $3,300 pesos.
  19. So why don't you share with us photos what you thought you we're going to be getting and what you received. Sorry your Easter expectations have been dashed
  20. Yes the pool is available to non residents, pay the daily fee of 100pesos? During the water aerobic exercise days , regular swimming time is 10am to 8pm, other days open at 9am For many regular swimers the water is too hot on the aerobic exercise days of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  21. No, you need to be a resident at the Racquet Club or have a friend give you a "pass". It is not open to the public
  22. I see dementia is among us.
  23. Can nonresidents of RC attend and where would one find the info? Is there ever a time when the pool's available for free swim for non-residents? It didn't used to be crowded and many days I had it to myself...
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