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  2. Testing has been suspended until new equipment and new testing garages are designated. This will happen manana so you won't have to worry or be able to get one for a very long time. I though everyone knew this.
  3. Vicente Guerreo 192, Jocotepec, tel. (01-387) 763-2331 should be open
  4. So the nursery got the Easter lily in for me but it isn't a real Easter lily. It is a large white lily.
  5. I really don't think you meant Dr. Leon's office. I have had them done by a team that comes from GDL, and they are done at the Ajijic Hospital. You should clarify this as you have mislead people.
  6. Once was enough. You made your point. 🙃 The trouble is, people are feeling so strongly on the subject of the current regime and the immigrant issue that it would take putting duct tape around their fingers to shut them up completely, or a mod who means business about not talking politics or slinging personal insults. I don't pay close enough attention to Sonia's posts to notice differences in sentence structure and word usage. If she does allow her husband to post over her signature, she has a problem in the independent entity department, IMHO.
  7. There can't be but a few that even had to know what a fideicomisso is as we are more than 50 km. from the coast.
  8. Can you give me his contact information, please?
  9. After reading an article in the Mural, which confused me completely, I went to the testing location in Chapala last week and found it closed with no indication of any activity around it. The mechanic next door, told me it had not been open lately. When it was till in operation the tester told me cars of two years or less did not have to be tested.
  10. God I guess! I haven't read Sonia more than a half dozen times. The difference is not only writing style but attitude. Sonia is super proper and classy, that post was nowhere near.
  11. You can stop by https://goo.gl/maps/PZ5zuwTsmZKjxEM19 Canadian Style Natural Foods Howard owns the shop and is taking the oil himself and loves it. He is also going to be carrying CBD Infused Coffee as well.
  12. And thus a big issue here. I am not going to claim I know everything or what people are selling. I can only speak to my experience and others around the oil we have. Feel free to read my results here Give our oil a try and stop by Canadian Style Natural Foods in Ajijic. Howard is carrying the oil, and he is taking it and loves it. Also he will be carrying our CBD Infused coffee as well. I just got this in 3 days ago and it is great coffee that leaves you energized yet not jittery. https://goo.gl/maps/PZ5zuwTsmZKjxEM19 (Canadian Style Natural Foods)
  13. If you are still looking then Please consider trying our oil. YOu can find it at Canadian Style Natural Foods https://goo.gl/maps/PZ5zuwTsmZKjxEM19 You will find a CBD Infused Coffee there as well come Monday Or Tuesday. Howard and his staff are great and he is going to continue to carry this product. As far as taking ours. You start with 2 drops 4 times a day. A bit more at night if you are looking for sleep help. Then let your body adjust for a few days and then increase by a couple of drops at a time per dosage. Everyone needs to find their sweet spot depending upon how your body adapts and responds. Would love for you to try the oil for a month and see what it does.
  14. You don't have to be a "rocket scientist" to see the difference at times in Sonia's posts. Word usage, sentence structure, etc. Posted sources tell you a lot, too. BTW, maybe you should read that post of mine about "preachin'" again, just for laughs.
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  16. Hello and Thanks in advance for sharing your personal experience (PM if you prefer) about Mexican Bank Trusts specifically ~changes to beneficiaries property owners listed) on an existing Fideicomisso allowed and under what circumstances ~does a divorce of the original named beneficiaries trigger a notification by original beneficiaries to trust Bank or the death of one of the named owners? Or is this optional notification? ~can a secondary beneficiary named as recipient on death of owners BE CHANGED during life of the trust? ~can one primary beneficiary/owner quitclaim his/her share to the other without the cost of title/closing expenses? and an expiring Fideicomisso ... what is the process cost and efforts needed to renew or change the title method to a Direct Deed. Thanks for sharing any personal experience regards the above
  17. Well ours is golden and super clear. It is full spectrum FECO and we have not had any complaints about it. Please stop by Canadian Style Natural Foods. They are carrying the oil and on Monday or Tuesday will be stocked with our Infused Coffee which is lovely. There are qaulity issues everywhere here in Mexico. I can only say from experience and others that people are getting wonderful results from our oil. I just did a write up about this on my website you can read here
  18. What model? What generation? TIA SunFan
  19. No, I just want to know where that (to me, anyway) wild assertion came from. Don't you?
  20. Hey Rick, This is not the US and the CBD here is made mostly from the Marijuana plant. Both Hemp and Marijuana have similar cannabinoids so all is good there as long as it is FECO full spectrum. I just wrote a post about my experiences so far between hemp-based CBD and THC based CBD. There have been additional benefits to having a higher concentrate of THC in the product. You can read the article here I get the medical marijuana aspects as the state of Maine where I am from was the first state to offer medical marijuana. I had great results with Hemp based CBD, however, I have discovered some differences with the homegrown Mexican CBD I have. It has been very interesting to see the differences. I lye to go back to the states on Monday, and I am bummed I will not be able to get this oil till I get back. I will continue to spread the news here about this oil, but cannot ship to the states, and it is too high in THC to legally have anyways. I hope that Mexico continues to allow this product here, as many who have taken the plunge to try it, is loving it. As far as the ratios--Cannabinoids are the 5 and THC is 1--This is the ratio in the 33mg/ml bottle. We do have lesser strengths and a super high 42 mg/ml that you WILL get a high from, also it will attack serious issues like Cancer. I just posted a video about this yesterday where A guy broke down some of this from a scientific standpoint. It is a great video about CBD and you will find it on the home page about 1/2 down.
  21. If you had taken the time to check it, you would know how long I've been on this forum and wouldn't be making such an ignorant statement. You know as well as I do why you "troll" me. A few pages ago I lost patience and told you what I thought of your attempt to establish superiority over the others on this forum. It was the Suggeston Box thread.
  22. See what I mean, folks? Now she's a prosecutor in court.
  23. About a year ago I got a CFE bill that showed no output from my solar array. The current and previous readings were the same. Thank goodness I had enough accumulated kWh to cover the deficit. The reading was corrected two months later. I would hate to have had to go after CFE for a credit resulting from their screwed up meter reading. SunFan
  24. It is truly most unusual. Slainte knows this, as he's been here longer than most of us.
  25. thanks, sonia... again for the wonderful information you share on this site. Happy Easter🐰
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