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  2. To add to Go Solar's post, my 8 year average in Ajijic has my system producing a bit over 17kWh per day. My panels in Ajijic are thin film versus monocrystalline which is an entirely different subject. Over time they have not degraded much at all. The Guayabitos house has whatever eSun was selling a couple of years ago and is producing in the range Go Solar writes. There the orientation is not as good as Ajijic and the elevation is only about 10 degrees as opposed to 20 in Ajijic. My stats there aren't as good over there as I maxed the panels one year after the original install due to air conditioning and pool heater consumption. It gets really hot in the summer months so with all the installed solar we can crank up the A/C when needed and not worry about huge bills. The pool water is also cold during the winter so an electric heat pump warms it up nicely as it sucks in electricity from my credit balance.
  3. According to official US Govt. Homeland Security reports: It AFFECTS ALL USA citizens returning to the USA from Mexico. whether driving back or flying back, including 33,295 official detentions by Immigration and Customs (CBP & ICE) officers, just last year. It also affects Mexicans who read this board, who might enter the USA in the future. These US CBP Homeland Security checks have triggered 33,295 detentions with personal searches of the individual's phones ... computers ... and their Social Media accounts ... and hours of delays in US detention .... in US airports and at US borders in JUST THE LAST YEAR ... as reported officially by USA Homeland Security. .... Either open up your Social Media accounts & personal fotos and your email accounts for hours US govt. searches, or have your computer and phone permanently confiscated by Homeland Security Are 33,295 detentions of US Citizens & foreigners, in just the past year ... with extensive detailed searches of their persons, their luggage, and even their phones & computers ... somehow your imagined ... "hatred of America" ... Sadly ... It's been reality for over 33,000 people this past year. Try reality ... faced by ALL USA citizens returning to the USA. Educate yourself ... Read about what's really been happening to US citizens, recently crossing into USA from MexicoL https://www.apnews.com/9cab32c02ca4474ea80fa88e16ba7967
  4. Small update / clarification from John's info: (re: kW vs kWh and daily production) The Ajijic 3 kW (not kWh) system size would typically produce 14 to 15 kWh per day, on a year round average basis. The Guayabitos 5.6 kW system size, in the 25 to 28 kWh range per day. A ballpark / rule of thumb for our area of central MX is: system size in kW, times 4.5 to 5, gives the approx. expected daily average kWh of solar production, for a system that is properly installed, correctly oriented, and functioning correctly.
  5. The sign up ahead doesn't read The Twilight Zone, it reads Now Entering The Biblical States of Gilead. I'd turn around if I were you.
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  7. Are you sure you're using very little electricity? Habits and usage change over time especially with the knowledge you have solar. As an experiment, every morning take a reading from the inverter of the total electricity produced. On the second and subsequent days you'll know how much solar you produced by subtracting yesterday's total from today's. Some you used and the excess went back to CFE. Now go to the meter and record the 2 numbers, first the amount consumed from CFE and the amount sent back to CFE. Again subtract yesterday's readings from today's. Now you know how much you took from and gave back to CFE in a 24 hour period. Your total consumption is the amount you consumed from CFE and the difference between the total kWh produced by your system less the amount you sent back to CFE. Anything you didn't send back to CFE you used somewhere in the house during daylight hours. To get the best info you need to repeat this process for a month or more as the sunshine hours are a lot less this time of year than let's say February to April when the cloud cover is minimal. If you find you are consuming more than you think then find a Kill-a-Watt device and start measuring usage of electronics, especially refrigerators. Once you take the time to gather this information you'll be in a better position to find the answer. One other thing. Without including the wattage per panel the number of panels is somewhat useless. In Ajijic I have 24 panels, each producing 128 watts for a total size of 3.072 kWh. At my house in Guayabitos I have 20 panels but each produce 280 watts so daily capacity is 5.6kwh so I can potentially produce 80% more power there than here with 4 less panels.
  8. Thanks! I have not had any problem until now. with 16 panels and very little use of electricity, this is a surprise and concerning. Hope you continue to have good luck!
  9. as per usual, took a left hand turn, and took it political, nice response jreboll!
  10. Oh my god, Trump doesn’t like Jews, Mexicans plus others and you don’t like Canadians. Where will this end?
  11. Maybe this will curtail those who insist on illegal activities, seems to be most canadians
  12. I purchased a HA's from Costco and was pleased with their selection and their audiologist center/personnel. AND, Costco pricing on said HA.
  13. Moderator maybe could make CG's information a Sticky?!?
  14. I have always had good luck up north by going to my nearby Costco hearing aid center. I believe most all Costco stores provide this service
  15. I got it to go. I opened it in the car halfway home.
  16. this same type of scare story is similar to the us customs supposedly checking kindles for copied books, and for mp3 music a year or so a go. Quiet news day..
  17. Ian Greenwood: "Anyone who goes to a restaurant which has been open less than a week and posts an extremely negative review probably received the food and service they deserved .... lemmings perhaps ?" ..... this is what I get when I post. Smarts just a little for someone to be so caustic. If food or service is bad ... it is bad and should be reported as such for those of us that don't have so much money that it doesn't matter if you throw some of it away. There are those that have enjoyed this chicken, so now when we decide to go, we will at least know to watch what is coming out of the kitchen, pay attention to the smell of the place ... if all is good that day, then we will probably enjoy the chicken also. But if it isn't we will know that if we are getting "take-out" not to trust and to look at it before we pay and walk out the door.
  18. Does anyone knows of good audiologist to purchase hearing aid close to San Diego border ?
  19. Wonder where Ian Greenwood is? If I had posted something so negative about a new restaurant he would not have remained silent!! But maybe he doesn't consider this a restaurant. At any rate, thanks for the picture along with the warning ... we were headed there yesterday and got waylaid ... glad we did now.
  20. Most of the Canadian snowbirds travel through the US to get to here. Many will appreciate the heads up.
  21. The Ajijic Fishing Club will meet on Monday, December 2 at 9:00 am. The location is Fonda Dona Lola. They meet on the first Monday of each month. There is bass fishing at multiple lakes within a half day's drive from Ajijic and Lake Chapala has bass, too. The fishing club is gauging interest in a peacock bass trip to the Amazon or Panama or both. Here is a link to their website. There is a link to the club's Facebook page on the website. https://drhook50hp.wixsite.com/ajijicfishingclub
  22. What does this have to do with living in Mexico? You are just taking advantage of this Forum to express more of your hatred of America and another attempt to put it down. Take your trashy comments to your own Board, where your fellow members have run you off. Not appreciated here.
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