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  2. Same in central Ajijic!
  3. The heavens opened up in Riberas around 7:40 pm. TORRENTIAL rain and I accumulated 1 and 1/4 inches in a half an hour in the rain gauge. BIG wind and moderate thunder and lightening and the temperature dropped 20 degrees F. I am absolutely amazed that I still have a landline, internet and electricity. I may even have to haul out a blanket for tonight.
  4. I also highly recommend Gualberto Real and have used them 3 times for different jobs, They come to your home address and can usually fix the appliance in-situ without having to take it back to their workshop. They are located on the lateral road directly opposite the 'old' Maskaras Clinic. There is quite often one of the kids in the workshop (if it is open) whilst the guys are out on a repair job.
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  6. Lezlie, the post you responded to was posted on March 11th, 2018.
  7. I could use them for my small export business of Mexican arts and crafts. I am in SAT with a pickup truck. Please email with your phone # hombregringo@gmail.com. Gracias
  8. The last two posts definitely describe carnivore traits. LOLOL
  9. Most of these guys don't or can't answer when they're out working. I find it best to call early in the day of after 6 in the evening.
  10. I´m also looking for an alternative to food…….hard to find.
  11. To where??? Go west to Joco, some good restaurants there…..birria in the plaza, tacos at Don Emilio´s, the bbq pit out on hiway 15, and a lot I know by sight but not by name.
  12. It would be helpful getting the information you are looking for if you said what you consider an “alternative foodie place.”
  13. Have you been to the SP clinic and been seen by the triage Dr.? You have to start there, they'll order tests and if they decide you need to see an ortho based on the tests they tell you who, when, and where.
  14. 765-5653 is forwarded to cel phone during the work week. 2nd. the recommendation.
  15. MOVING BOXES AVAILABLE: I have 15 to 20 more liquor boxes in good shape that I just used for my move. Who wants them? Available now. :) Alex
  16. Well all income , worldwide, is taxable. What deductions, exemptions, etc. are available to a given taxpayer is a horse of another color. Best regards.
  17. But I think that there are provisions for exclusions such as the 'Foreign Earned Income Exclusion' which allows you to decrease your taxable income on US expat taxes by the first $105,900 earned as a result of your labor ($103,900 for 2018) while a resident of a foreign country. And as far as being domiciled in Mexico there is the US-Mexico Tax Treaty to help relieve double taxation. .... and I had previously used Sr. Google to enlighten me on the subject. https://www.greenbacktaxservices.com/blog/form-2555-instructions-expats//
  18. Im thinking she is somewhere in the intermediate range
  19. is this still available?
  20. Maybe it's bad karma for cheating all those Walmart cashiers you bragged about. .
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