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  2. Not just form filling, and not in Ajijic. English not needed. This is not the kind of case Spencer handles. Thanks.
  3. +1 for Dr. Daniel Hernandez at Integrity. Did a TURP prostate procedure on me last May that was quick, painless and successful. Just one night in a small private clinic in Guad and he came all the way out to my house in Ajijic the next night just to remove the catheter. Can't recommend him highly enough but don't know about insurance. I paid him in cash. in pesos, as many doctors prefer to be paid but the cost was very reasonable.
  4. There are federal and municipal zoning laws in Mexico. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mexico.leyderecho.org/zonificacion/amp/ Google Translation: " Type: Federal Publication Date: 07/21/1993 Zoning in the Local Administration Concept of zoning in the context of municipal government and the local Mexican public administration: Process that allows to regulate and govern human activity in a broad sense. The municipality, through Article 115 of the Constitution, has the possibility to intervene directly in the orientation of the growth of population centers and centers of economic activity with the aim of restoring its social function to urban and rural land. (Vlmedo, The engineers, p 57-59) This article gives the authorities retardation the powers to assume the tasks of zoning, formulate development plans, regulate land tenure and carry out the creation of territorial reserves and administration of the ecological zones. The municipalities will have to formulate, approve and administer the zoning of the population centers located in their territory. For this purpose, zoning shall be understood as: 1The determination of the areas that make up and delimit a population center; 11 The determination of the predominant uses in the different zones within the areas referred to in the previous section, and III The regulation of uses, destinations and reserves through the corresponding declarations. (Official Gazette, February 7, 1984, p 20) "
  5. See Dr.. Hector Valenzuela at Quality Care, 766-1870. No one better at this kind of problem.
  6. Yesterday
  7. 7 times you used "American (s)". I think we get the message that "Americans" are not your favorite people.
  8. I’ve never heard of zoning laws in Mexico. That’s one of the things we like about Mexico, little government incursion.
  9. Well not an advocate either way about bad expats, but I assume it is against the zoning laws and probably the fraccs rules. So maybe not bad gringos against the mexicans. Maybe just not legally permitted.
  10. Three or four spaces are used by Mexicans, interestingly.
  11. Mexicans are very touchy about those things, also slurping, picking your teeth, or other noises.
  12. You should stop going to eat with them and tell them why.
  13. I thought you were kidding slainte, when you started talking about boats to take you across the flooded parking lot. Thanks for correcting me. I saw cars parked outside of the facility today. I guess I will have to go check it out.
  14. That’s strange. If part of your intestine protrudes it can become strangulated and then it becomes an emergency. Get it checked out ASAP just to be on the safe side.
  15. I do not know, it is close to my pubic area and makes a gurgling sound and can be painful at times...It does not bulge...
  16. We go out to eat with friends and someone always blows their nose at the table. I nearly throw up every time I see and hear the snot going into their tissue...Is this okay at the table or should I stop them and excuse myself from the snot....😀
  17. What type of hernia? Inguinal?
  18. I possibly have a hernia, although I have not had an X-Ray. Has anyone had this surgery locally or in Guadalajara. I need information about the Doctor, price and recovery... Thanks.
  19. Bare Stage Presents: Parlor Games "A comical, high stakes, over the top, family feud" by Ed Tasca What happens when two unrelated families turn up at a funeral parlor to say their last good byes to their beloved? A very funny dispute as to whom the wrongly cremated body belongs to in this quirky comedy of mistaken identity and greed. Come and see which family wins the day.
  20. Moderator was on holiday, should have known better. Closed.
  21. And I edited the thread to remove the rest of the not relevant political commentary. RVing is practically non existent in Mexico. The people using this place are very likely to be from the U.S. and Canada.
  22. 21 posts and you own the joint. Balls! Speaks volumes about you.
  23. The social hierarchy. Another Centuries-old fact of life. I'd say Mexico is a simple society. Since they neither speak the English good nor know how to read your body language, they still want to understand what you are. Where do you live? There's the number one phrase they use to get the gist of your standing and the famous line of an anxious single girl in the market. Next is the car you drive, your shoes, your watch or cell phone. Since they can't find a way to either respect or disrespect you by way of your mastery of your language or your razor-sharp wit, what else do they have? Musicians, artists, genius' of thought are not as attractive here as there. Girls like to hook up with the boyz who show great potential, they likely want to have a hand in the boy's fostering and be a part of his/her success, easy for an artist to marry up. Not here so much. Get a girl drunk and she just might reach a point where she asks you something about you bank account, do you own a home in EEUU, the status of your family members. If ever there was a place where money talks, you're living in it.
  24. Yeah, what a weird combination, huh? All 3 are for creating an indigo dye bath. I`ve used the usual US-purchased materials up to now but getting them from the US is expensive so I`m trying out the local versions. Hope they work, the internet literature says they will.
  25. I removed the Trump-ets phrase so we can dispense with US politics.
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