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  2. Doubtful on cruise scenario. Story says events will be in Mexico City which is landlocked.
  3. He could be doing it in a cruise liner with American tourists. What’s so significant about that?
  4. I second Dr. Haro’s office. Top notch professionals.
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  6. Mike has just been found! A friend spotted him a couple miles away walking with a woman and her young son. They got the reward and Diane got her dog. Thank you very much to all of you for your support.😗
  7. Yes, it's no longer a NOB thing, it's coming to your town. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/08/20/report-dnc-chair-tom-perez-to-fundraise-in-mexico/
  8. There's an underfed horse tied up next to the small Stone building almost directly across from the Ajijic Pemex, a few doors down from Charter Tours. It has no water and it's tied up in a garbage patch with its nose out to the sidewalk. If anyone has any ideas of who to call or how to help
  9. Please refer your friend to the posted article on this Web Board about finding a lost pet. These suggestions have worked for many happy pet owners.
  10. Where is it? And, "traderspoc".....what exactly is in your picture of lunch?
  11. The name is "Ismat's Burgers & Chicken"
  12. The lady who was in the country house has passed away. She had already sold the house. Her husband has returned to sell off the furnishings, probably through Julie and Wayne Hensley. If you want to sell fine antiques, you pretty well have to go through Guadalajara. I am interested in, and skilled in, decorative and applied arts. Happy (pedro) is into folk art, much of which I find quite laughable and a bit of a rather clever con. To be fair though, this is much the same in fine art.
  13. Neighbors on either side will happily "retire a leaf blower", male, female, or mechanical. 🙉
  14. They did great work on two of our favorite chairs. Highly recommend them!
  15. Newf, is your billing actually showing that your generating roughly 400KwH energy or just your solar panel? I can't explain on the board why I'm asking, but if it isn't showing, I'll PM you and tell you of our experience and what it took to fix it. No, nothing illegal, but CFE was NOT helpful. Shocking, I know.
  16. Diane said that he does have a leather collar, but she thinks his tag fell off (most unfortunately).
  17. Was the chocolate drink atole? Sort of like hot chocolate thickened like a gruel with fresh corn masa. Love that stuff!
  18. well i certainly thankyou for all your help and if i was using google speech it sometimes says she for he and visa versa. i am looking now at how to do a notification for my future reference. love the fact of your expertise in antiques. good luck...i may get hold of you later as i have some beautiful old antique things in Denver that i have to sell next year. thankyou again. bonbelle
  19. Dental Express west Ajijic... latest techniques
  20. Can someone at least give me a hint what the name is? This seems like an easy question. I would like to Google it but it is difficult without a name.
  21. As I said before I am a he not a she. I only answer pm's from people I know. It seems that Chillin knows more anyway so I leave you to his expertise which he formulates by using Google a lot. Besides that I have been very busy the last week or so running my 2 facebook groups [over 3000 members] specializing in antiques.
  22. If someone would, please tell Ismat that Chucho says hello (Chucho is our doggie), that we hope all is well and that we are still stuck in Texas. We were Thursday Gossip’s regulars but it has been almost four years since we were in town. Everywhere we went people would ask “where is Chucho?”. One day at Gossip’s I overheard another diner whisper to her friend, “that’s the most famous dog in Ajijic”. We got a chuckle from that.
  23. Dr Haro.. Great dentist.. expensive but worth it.
  24. Make one out of a coat hanger or do the right thing and keep them in a tool box or Crown Royal bag.
  25. Dra. Angelica Andana off the Carretera in Mirasol, near the gym.
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