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  2. ni yo1 you are an immigrant, that is what happens to immigrants.. as long as you are not a citizen you can be deported..
  3. yes , have you ever heard of Mexcans, CHinese and others referred to as expats in the US or Canada? Just curious.
  4. An expatriate (often shortened to expat) is a person residing in a country other than their native country.
  5. Change of address at your INM office takes about 3 working days and is no charge. Fill out the "tramite" form to change address on their "Tramites" webpage. Print it out and bring it into their office and have a bill with your current address - original and a copy. CFE bill can be in your landlord's name. They don't even want to see lease agreements - they tend to believe you when I have helped friends at the INM office.
  6. Rodrigo (Rodri) is on an extended bicycle trip throughout Spain, and then France, Italy, and who knows where else. He was so excited while planning this trip... hard to say when he will return.
  7. My Notaria - a she - explained the huge cost to start it is a federal government fee/tax/security based on the cost of the property not the bank or notaria fee to start it which costs are a small fraction. Banks make very little and $300 to $400 a year for maintenance and responsibility is only about $30 US per month. Many banks are giving up providing this service - not worth it to them obviously.
  8. heyo--thanks, yo. i think i call pull that off. but i still have to renew my visa within 30 days and the change of address process takes up to 90 days or something. so i'm curious if they will reject my residency renewal application because i haven't completed the address tramite. i suppose as long as it's been initiated they may not have a problem with it. fxxxing bureaucracy is heavy here. appreciate your response.
  9. Recently I ordered from Amazon.Mx with no problem--Canadian cc. BUT I was not allowed to sign up for Amazon Prime . . . apparently your billing address has to be in Mex., Guatemala or Belize. Has anyone else encountered this? I received an email saying this: Con respecto a tu consulta sobre el inconveniente para activar la membresía Prime con tu tarjeta con dirección en Canada, y luego de reportar lo sucedido y consultar el departamento encargado me indica que de momento Amazon Prime está disponible exclusivamente para personas con dirección de facturación en México, Belice y Guatemala. La información esta disponible en nuestras páginas de ayuda, te comparto el enlace: https://amzn.to/2WYw5Ke La información esta detalla en la parte inferior en Notas* en el ultimo punto. Lamentamos cualquier inconveniente que esto pueda ocasionar y agradecemos tu confianza.
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  11. You are a guest if you can be deported on the whim of the government, regardless of immigrant status.
  12. Obviously, don't tell them when you moved. Tell them it was last month or something.
  13. Jerry Lewis for example? Marcel Marceau? You have to very careful listening to what Eddie says about himself, he is a trickster and a shapeshifter, part of his appeal I guess. He is also a marathon runner, completing 27 marathons in South Africa as a tribute to Nelson Mandela. Or did he?
  14. I do them the same as Irish Gal. They peel easy.
  15. After conceding so much territory, Mexico thought this buffer zone, prohibiting foreigners from owning land, would discourage military incursions, which included a lot of cannon artillery back then. This is a fact. The realtors want to do away with fideicomiso, and the bankers want to keep it - 100% profit for them.
  16. "Envy will get you nowhere".....you've got to be kidding....how did you ever come up with that rediculous conclusion..?? You don't know anything about me. I have asked many wealthy and educated Mexicans here and elsewhere, in my past 10 years, to try to understand the conditions here...for example, why do they throw trash anywhere and everywhere...and they told me "it's the culture"...One of my 'hobbies' is picking up trash and removing old and outdated posters on telephone poles around town...I also used to be a graffiti and tagging remover....for me it's 'be the change'.... I know the tapatios love to come to Lakeside to have fun on the weekends...one day I was walking down Colon to the lake and a man in a fancy convertible tossed out his beer can and almost hit me, so I picked it up and tossed it in his car as he was parking it by the lake...you should have seen the look on his face... My original point was, Mexicans will sit on a bus as the driver is both driving and texting and do nothing....I insisted that the driver stop immediately so that I could get off... And they will wait in long lines forever without ever complaining, and they don't do much about the noise levels at some of the local gringo bars in town...they just live with it. Having grown up in the NICE homes and NICE neighborhoods, here or in Guadalajara....wouldn't make me feel very excited to witness the construction, degradation and growth that has been taking place here in the past 10 years....but I imagine it doesn't bother them...they won't complain. We might, but they won't.
  17. True if often enough but DAC is applied after your 3000 subsidized KWHs are used up in a 12 month period. 3000/12=250 per month. You can go over 500 KWHs one or more billing periods and stay out of DAC. It is worth watching your electricity consumption carefully in Mexico. The 7 climatic zones have different subsidized amounts of KWHs. When I lived in Mexicali I recieved 24,000 subsidized KWHs in a 12 month period. No problem to cool my house. I think Puerto Vallarta gets 4800.
  18. If it is not an inverter type (pure sine wave) then it shouldn't be used to power any sensitive electronics like a TV or computer or ? You should find out if it is.
  19. You should contact the Administrator at Birds of Paradise. They just went through this. And most definitely do not give that presentation until after you have lined up that contact.
  20. If they need a dish they can have one for free. 765-6455
  21. Sorry I have been away. I have 1 large one and 6 small ones. Give me an offer. 765-6455.
  22. I am not a fan of air-fryers, so paying double the price of an Instant Pot for that gimmick was an easy decision.
  23. If RV's comments weren't clear, you should report to Aduana for the car permit "tie" to your pending Temporal visa. Aduana will not be co-located with INM usually.
  24. I have been asked to give a presentation on the Telmex fiber option for our Council meeting this coming Saturday. If anyone here has EXPERIENCE working with Telmex in a condo environment with underground utilities, I would appreciate input on the following (sending a PM is fine): How many houses in your condo? Cost for bringing Telmex fiber into your development, up to the houses? If installed already, what speeds you're getting at houses with fiber? Who your contact person is at Telmex so we can get in touch for info and a quote? All responses are optional, of course, and any additional input would be helpful for me to discuss with our residents and Council members. Thanks! Heather
  25. With respect to DAC 'tho, one is no more or less likely to get into that tier with 220 than 110....unless of course the reason one is getting 220 is for an anticipated addition like pool or A/C.
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