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  2. Can you pm me with the years of the laptops and what OS they have? Also, do they have 13", 15" or other size screens?
  3. But gringohombre loves that word. And it gives me a smile every time he uses it. But I aint telling nobody why.
  4. hello, I am sorry I didn't see you post earlier, but we have a studio style apartment with a terraza and a view of the mountains, it is on the west side of Ajijic and just off the main road or carrretera. that one is 6000 pesos for the month which is about $270 usd.... and that also includes good wifi as well as all utilities... it will be available on the 1st of June and you can rent one or two months, or whatever you'd like... we also have a smaller place that would be cheaper, but it is quite small... Im from California and my wife is from new Zealand, she lived in Thailand years ago and she liked it there, my email is teleonard53@gmail.com and my phone is 331 150 4722 I am sure we can work something out for you Tom Leonard
  5. yelling out fake news every damn post would make me sound pretty stoopid
  6. About RVs and " Vanning" lifestyle. For some reason the Washington Post has been following this topic quite closely. Apparently most RV and Van camping sites are closed right now in the U.S.A. People are begging to connect in people's driveways. Sorry I can't send you links, Wa Po considers this premium material.
  7. The BBBA app on my android phone hasn´t worked for several days. Anyone else?
  8. Sharing your clabe for a deposit will not permit anyone to withdraw from that account. What might come into account is June 1st new regulations. All electronic transactions on New services or services will be taxed. Bank deposits over $5000 cash are subject to scrutiny. Remember that income on a rental in Mexico is taxed at 25%
  9. ...and he hadn't even met me yet! No, I think the job was not of interest to him but I do know someone who would want it so all is good, don't embarrass him.
  10. Not to change the subject. I just got back maybe 30 minutes ago. Jocotepec side Lopez Mateo and there is a check point by the little town Buena Vista s. Lopez Mateo. Got waved through.
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  12. Thanks for the explanation, dichosalocura. I always wondered why I would occasionally find a separated tail, but no blood or other sign of injury. Again thanks for explaining what happens
  13. This is a political comment. Why do you hold yourself to a different standard than the standard you expect from other posters? Perhaps this attitude is contributing to many excellent posters gradually moving to the other board. .
  14. Porcelain enameling cast iron tubs is the usual. Esmaltado de porcelana. You can use google translate like I did for the rest.
  15. Talk to Beto @ the ironworks shop in Ajijic. Good quality, experienced, bilingual - he'll understand and be able to advise you.
  16. I have a cast iron tub that needs to be refinished (sandblasted and powder coated). Any suggestions on how to find this service or what to ask for? This is well beyond my Spanish capabilities. Thanks!
  17. Agree. We have an RV up north specifically for that purpose.
  18. Worry is a wasted anxiety leading to no solution.
  19. That doesn't sound strange to me at all. People would feel safer travelling and living in their own rig than risking infection by taking public transportation and staying in hotels.
  20. Rent can be in pesos or US dollars, which we can deposit to your bank account. Please PM me. Thanks! This could be dangerous if you shared your accounts # etc..."Just give me cash"
  21. First of all, I did not quote you. My post was a general observation and a comment on a very favorable recent review. I do not look at this as news, so let's save your favorite phrase for real FAKE NEWS!
  22. This is an excellent, short video about the purposes of face masks in the coronavirus pandemic. One important point they make is that face masks are much less about protecting you than they are about protecting everyone else from you. Lots of very practical information about different kinds of masks and how to wear and care for them. https://youtu.be/P27HRClMf2U
  23. He is coming to do more work on Thursday I will ask him about not showing maybe you scared him away...
  24. I have two, but they are stuck in my casa in Mexico City, and I have the in Locke closet, and I have keys in Ajijic so can’t have someone send them here, right now it is too dangerous for me to go there so will wait till August
  25. I just want the WiFi on my Samsung tv to play with out interruptions ...
  26. Like John Shrall said, a wireless access point is your best option. I use one and my speeds are almost identical to wired speeds and I'm about 20 feet from the router. Just remember that this doesn't replace your Ilox modem, it plugs into it via ethernet cable. And remember to turn off your wifi on the Ilox modem after setup, as you don't want a lot of wireless signals in your house.
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