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Seeking helpful information about living in San Nickolas

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I am helping a friend  who is considering  renting a house  'out in the country' in San Nickolas. 

She is not familiar with this area.  She is a single senior female. 

Can you offer some pluses, minuses,  concerns,  any personal experience living there, and etc..    Thank you !

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Why don't you look at the posts about cartel activity in that area. Not exactly appropriate for a "single senior female". IMHO

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14 minutes ago, tomgates said:

I follow many of the Mexican news pages and I have seen no reports of overt cartel activity in that area. It's a different story on the south side of the lake near Tuxcueca and around the municipality of Tizapan el Alto.

I have numerous acquaintances who reside east of Chapala and they are all happy living there. And yes, some are single females.

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I live out here. Moved from Zapopan to Ajijic and a few years later then to here. That was 5 years ago. Its nice and quiet. Neighbors are as nice as can be. They even came over and helped me repaint without me saying a word.

Maybe its just me but the open areas seem to have a better breeze off the lake.

A lot less traffic and crowds. Ive been out here long enough that I now consider Ajijic horrible with traffic. Thats how spoiled I am now. I would probably die of Stress if I had to go back to Los Angeles.

The only things I have any Issue with is maybe shopping. Of course you can buy whatever you need but I still like to go to Soriana once in awhile. 

If she has a car thats going to help. If not plenty of "Local Ubers" and taxis.

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