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New Summer Resident seeks best short term TV hookup advice

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When we had a rental for 5 months, we bought a tv and had telecable.  At the time you paid month by month, no contract.   I do not know how it is now.

you could also get a firestick and watch anything possible    All you need is a tv and internet.    The channels are endless 

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19 minutes ago, chapalence said:

We are limited to crappy Telmex service and it seldom buffers.

What we don't have because they cause buffering is a VPN or illegal Firestick "add-ons".


A good vpn won't cause buffering. I use nord just because of its reliability and easy to use user interface on the pc for my wife.

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I have a Flashrouter (wireless router w/ built in VPN) and the VPN I use is VPN unlimited.  You can set it up to any VPN service you like, anything connected to it goes through the router.   I have Telmex as my internet.

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I have a question then.  When a vpn connection gets caught and blocked by companies does the service auto change your vpn or do you have to manually change it?

Why I like using a computer on my TV. When we run into a vpn that has been burned by hulu we just pick a new city and change it and boom back to normal.

I have no experience with these static home vpn devices. I like more control.

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23 hours ago, Whipstock said:

Unfortunately, the buffering is also endless.

I've never noticed buffering when using a VPN, even when our internet was a dismal 5MB download / 1MB Upload. 
A quality VPN provider should offer fast servers and updates to its systems soon as online / streaming services catch up.

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