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Lookinf for worker for 1-2 days. Pay: $75.00 to $100 per hour.

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2 hours ago, moderator-2 said:


2 hours ago, moderator-2 said:

 I need him to go down into my Aljabi and use a wire brush to clean the floor. Should take 12/ to 1 hour max.

I will give him a mask and will stay at the top to make sure he has no problems. I have a safe ladder.

Then to the tanaco to clean it.

I have a wet/dry vacuum to get the 1/2" or so of water out.

I have done this myself, but that was a decade ago and I don't have the enerby now.

Thanks. M2.




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3 hours ago, chapalence said:

Also no snarkiness intended- call Alberto Farias to do the job. He will tell you what his rate is and he will arrive with the proper equipment and knowledge to do the job safely...without your help

My ex, who was  a carpenter, used to pad the bill with something he privately referred to as i-di-ot tax. (the dashes are so the bot doesn't delete that word) 

That was for the clients who wanted to "help", which generally consisted of getting in his way and sometimes creating a dangerous work site.

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