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An English speaking technician with TotalPlay

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My internet went out at 2:45 yesterday afternoon. I do speak Spanish but prefer English for technical things. Anyway, a delightfully efficient young man showed up at my door at 9:15 this morning. He lived in the U.S. for sixteen years and speaks GOOD English. My line was broken (on the street) and is now repaired. I asked for his name and cell number but also asked if I could put his information on the forums. His name is Uzziel Luis and his cell number is 331-439-6488... message, whatsapp or call. If you have a hard time understanding Spanish on the phone, this is the guy to call if you have TotalPlay problems. I remain impressed with TotalPlay and their exceptional customer service.

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Sr. Luis' combination of character and skills sounds exceptional.  But how, customarily or just pragmatically, does one gladly reward such service?  Is a liberal cash tip straightforwardly appropriate and welcomed?

(When Ilox was introduced, as a phase of due diligence, I found online that their linemen made about US$20/day.)

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