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CFE & the RFC requirement

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Could someone who has actually gone to CFE please answer some questions? Here is the situation:

Both of us have RFC numbers. We have an old internet print out that does NOT have the CIF info. I have gone to the SAT site more times than I'm going to admit to here but yes, I do read Spanish, etc. Unless you know your password, you will not get into the site. Period. I don't know what our passwords are or even if we ever had one. We can't get an e-firma. If you go to the "forgot your password," it will ask for your e-signature. It's basically a circle jerk (yes, I'm feeling frustrated right now, sorry).

So, will CFE accept our RFC numbers if they're printed on what was clearly from an SAT site even though an older version? Is there anything else that we need? Can this be done online or do we have to go in person.

A very big TIA and I hope others aren't having such a hard time of this. We just found out about this requirement...grrrr

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We have our RFC numbers on phone and IPad, showing it’s from SAT officially and are going to try that.  Sorry, haven’t been yet to be able to fully answer. Definitely looks like in person. Excellent YouTube specifically on this, look up “what CFE wants by June 30” and you will find the video.  

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I went to CFE yesterday in Chapala and added my RFC. I used the old printout for the RFC, not the New constancia de situación fiscal. They added my RFC without a problem. They did not ask for the additional information described in the video and only available on the constancia 

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I found a link that actually works with SAT and doesn't require the circle jerk that I mentioned above. I hate to be posting so many different things, but it worked and hopefully others will see it. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!

(btw, I used Jim Bowie's posting and that's what took me down the rabbit hole...the need for the CIF)

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