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Ordering from walmart using whatsap

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We have always ordered from their website. 

It is easy and requires nothing special. WhatsApp wouldn't work at all.

https://www.walmart.com.mx/inicio  After you create your account, use the dropdown menu on the far left next to "Walmart" and click "Mismo Dia", sign-in, and thenyou are ready to fill your cart. It's all pretty straight forward from there. I pay with PayPal, but you can pay cash to your driver if you like or by CC.

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15 minutes ago, Mad_Max said:

Glad to hear easy ordering online.

.whatsap ordering is available at a number of mx walmarts and an older post suggests here too

Without the ability to see what is in stock at local stores, I fail to see how this would work. Also, this would not afford the shopper a secure payment platform. 

Maybe I'm missing something.

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A number if walmarts have whatsap connected to their store and i would assume payment is thru that secure walmart.  Lots of good info online which is why the question was if this store had it in place.

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