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Stores for a traditional (Norte) leather recliner

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We're looking for a recliner.

I don't gravitate toward "comfy" living room furniture, personally (I'll just fall asleep), but I want to have it because one should, for others. Recliners have always been too decadent for my taste. By a mile.

We nevertheless got one in the States when I was recovering from something and told to elevate my legs. Still didn't dig it.

But it turns out that Joan uses that recliner daily, so I want to get her one here. And maybe I'll give it another try, too.

We've bought some pieces from various stores, but I've yet to find a solid, "traditional" leather recliner that justifies the price.


  • No rocking. We're reclining, not rocking. I'm not ready to rock, so to speak.
  • Not electric. There's no need, it can break, and it's tough enough getting power into the middle of a room.
  • No cheesy "Death Star" features: No swivel, no cup holders, no compartments (secret or otherwise), no visible modernities of any kind. No cruise missile launcher, no microwave, no shiatsu massage, no auto-suck. (Have they invented auto-suck yet?)


  • The recliner I seek will be relatively expensive. It'll also be the last recliner I buy on this green Earth.
  • $25,000 MXN ($1,250 USD) would be nice.
  • Absolute max is $40,000 MXN ($2,000). I know. I'd better love it.

Stores visited:

  • Costco. I won't knock Costco. They have some great furniture values. But you've gotta try something like this first, and most of their stock is shipped-to-home.
  • Ib Furniture (has several names), near Sunrise Restaurant. We bought a really nice sofa-sleeper there, from one of the Ibarra brothers. But the other brother is kinda shifty. Bought an over-priced office chair from him on the promise I wouldn't get the floor model. "No, claro no," but that's what I got, wrapped in fresh plastic. Almost bought a recliner there today, but the price was X yesterday with plenty of stock, and today the price was higher and there was only the floor model. Wey thinks I'm stupid. Screw him.
  • Casual stops at UOU and elsewhere. Guess UOU's not ruled out. I'll visit again this afternoon.

Any store recommendations that consider these parameters are much appreciated. Eventually I'll turn over every rock, but that could take a while. Gracias.



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Deal with the other brother at IB Furniture. He is above board... and tell him his brother is shifty because his brother is going to dent the sales in that store with his attitude. I also had dealings with the shifty one. Never again.

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Also try Muebles Contempora in Ocotlán. Good selection and prices better than here in Gringolandia. See:

This one says leather and mechanical, no massage, for ~$800 USD.

Usually they have (at least) 1 sales rep that speaks English. FYI- Ocotlán has many furniture stores (50+ maybe), in cases you want to check others. I happen to like Muebles Contempora.


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7 minutes ago, InChapala1 said:

Also try Muebles Contempora in Ocotlán.

Thanks. Added to my Ocotlán list/map.

We were at first pretty enthused about Ocotlán, but more asking around suggested that the outlets there skew Ikea-contemporary, so we moved it into the one-of-these-days category.



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Keep an eye on the Chapala area Facebook market pages.  Someone had an almost new Lazyboy on there for a great price.  Unfortunately it sold.

There are two sites:  Beg Barter Buy & Sell Chapala, and Lake Chapala Classified.

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5 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

There are two sites:  Beg Barter Buy & Sell Chapala, and Lake Chapala Classified.

I'll alert Joan. She's in charge of Facebook, and is a member of those groups and others.

14 minutes ago, sunshineydays said:

Plascencia in Guadalajara has what you are looking for.

Sounds good. Thanks in advance.

Which one was willing to deliver to lakeside? There seems to be a half dozen or so.



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Gracias a todos.

I'm afraid the Placencia options on their website didn't wow me with looks or prices, but I'm glad to know about the store. We may be interested in other items.


I think it's right that the best recliner at the best price will appear in a Facebook group, eventually. For now, I took a flier on a close-out at Costco ($550 USD). Nothing of theirs is horrible.



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