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Tailor Update: To let out some dress pants

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16 minutes ago, Mainecoons said:

How would you tell the tailor in Spanish you want some slacks let out at the waist band?


Easiest way is to put them on and show them they don't fit!   Or here is what I would say, translated to Spanish, may not be correct the way a local would say it, but...

This part is too small. Can you repair them and make them bigger?

Esta parte es demasiado pequeña. ¿Puedes repararlos y hacerlos más grandes?


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Well, I went there (Desion in Ajijic) and waited until almost 11AM for the person to show up.  Tried calling both phone numbers, neither answered.  Was waiting with another person who had sent her an email and was told she'd be there.

Guess I'll go to Chapala.


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Tried again and found her.  Two hours after opening time.

I'm going on the strong recommendations of her work.  If this job turns out well, we have a bunch for her to do.

Fingers crossed.  Nice to be able to just walk over and drop stuff off or pick up finished work.

Nice shop and lady.  Very tidy.

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