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Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Protection Against Omicron Fades Just Weeks After Second And Third Doses, Study Finds

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Maks have been proven to not work unless they are medical grade and you have been trained to wear them.

Why I call masking kabuki theater. It's just all a show per the studies.

I have a mask I wear for when things get really smokey it seals around the entire nose and mouth and has 2 filters that are partical grade don't even smell the smoke with it on.  That is the only kind that will protect people not these ones sewwhere if you breath in the air takes the path of least resistance around the mask. And if you breath out it is the same. Nothing is filtered thru the mask because it has no seal.

Now I do have a cloth mask with positive pressure. But that keeps me safe because nothing gets around the edges and all of my air is brought in and filtered by a small fan with its own battery. But the pressure of course will push my breath out the sides of the mask because of that positive pressure. But mainly I wore that one when I had too because I could breath fresh cool air instead of heating up inside the mask.

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