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Great TotalPlay Service

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Our TotalPlay cut out yesterday (1st time after initial installation several months ago).

My wife called for service.

Said an hour or so.

More like 2 before 2 techs showed up and corrected problem in just a few minutes.

When asked what caused problem?

Answer: Honesty!

They said there was work being done in the area and they probably messed it up.

Honestly admitting a possible error is much better than the BS most companies give.

When Ilox didn't work, which was all the time, their answer when I asked why: 'Your connected equipment is the fault.'

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Same here. I've had TotalPlay for 7 or 8 months now and had my first outage about 2 weeks ago. It was in the evening, but they came the next day. It turned out that my fiber line was cut somehow and they had to replace the whole line. The one thing that I don't like is how they string their fiber. Down the middle of the street, through big trees, etc.

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