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US Advisory for Travel To Mexico

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The funny part about the warning is that it is very focussed on US citizens. CHiapas has gotten really iffy lately but no US citizen has been involved  so everything is fine there.. We are now finding shells 8 and 9mm on the streets... from the gun fights..

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1 hour ago, bmh said:

The funny part about the warning is that it is very focussed on US citizens.

Of course it is- the US state dept. doesn't concern itself with anything in its advisories that doesn't concern US citizens. 

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29 minutes ago, bmh said:

right but US citizens therefore think places like Chiapas are safe. and it is not any longer..So much for their warning.

Ah, I see what you mean.

I once had an American woman in her 30's book my private room Airbnb. Then she messaged me to say that her mom had read about some cartel shootout in Mexico and was totally freaked out about her coming here. 

I had to point out that the shootout she had read about had happened about 2500 kms from here. The vast majority of Americans, unless they have travelled in Mexico before, know zero about it. They think it''s hot all the time everywhere, that palm trees grow everywhere, that there's a good chance you'll get gunned down walking down the sidewalk pretty much anywhere, that everyone gets sick when they come here.  As they know zero about pretty much anywhere outside the US.

When I used to rent a little casita here, the homeowners, who were from the US, said their friends up north thought they were insane,or alternately, "so brave" to have a place in Mexico and come down here on holiday. They would  tell them, "We pray for you every day you are gone."

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