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Usual wait times for various healthcare services

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They vary greatly, I'm sure, but just trying to get an idea of what the usual wait times are for different healthcare services. Is it usually pretty quick ( subjective, I know) to see family practitioners, specialists, physical therapists, etc?


What are some of your experiences, (both good and bad ) with this? I'm talking about private healthcare services only, not IMSS where wait times can be very long for most issues.

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If you don't mind driving to Guad and can read Spanish, using https://www.doctoralia.com.mx  is a fantastic way to find a specialist and get verified reviews. You also see the calendar (for most) and can make your appointment. The site also tells you what languages the doctor speaks. If you're ok-ish in Spanish but more comfortable in English, it comes in very handy. Obviously, times can vary but they're usually quite quick --a week or less.

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1 hour ago, blankletmusic said:

I think most of the replies so far deal with specialists. Good to hear the wait times are short. What about other healthcare providers, ie GPs, physical therapists, etc? 

The same.

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