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In search of: Local CO₂ tank and refill service for soda maker

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I'd like to find a local provider who'll sell me a five- or fifty-pound CO₂ tank and refill it as needed. Or I'll buy a tank somewhere else and get them to fill it, whatever works best.

We use a SodaStream soda maker. A big part of SodaStream's business in the U.S. is a CO₂ refill service, by mail, where you send them their (small-ish) 14.5 oz. cylinders when empty and they return fresh ones. Unfortunately, they don't service Mexico.

That may not be exactly right. I've heard that if you take your empties to the Estafeta office near Soriana -- and know the secret handshake -- they can process exchanges. But who knows what that costs (it's too expensive in the first place) or how long it takes or if it's real, so it seems better to learn the dark art of refilling them yourself from a larger tank. You need a particular adapter, which I have, and some patience, but a lot of folks do it. There's a ton of YouTube how-tos.


Any tips on a local CO₂ provider? Many restaurants use such a service, and it would be nice to cut to the chase before asking at every restaurant I go to.




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I use a Company called INFRA for CO2 cylinders for MIG welding but that is an Industrial grade product so not the level of purity you may want for your Soda maker.  They also show on their web site the supply of medical grade cylinders so you may want to chat with them about what they recommend.  Nearest office is in El Salto the same road that the Honda plant is on).

El Salto
Tabachines 1-A
Lunes a Viernes de 8:30 a 17:30 y Sábados de 9:00 a 14:00
San José del Castillo
El Salto, El Salto CP: 45680
(33) 36 88 19 56

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On 4/29/2022 at 10:56 PM, Ezzie said:

INFRA for CO2 cylinders

Thanks very much, I'll give them a try. It occurs to me that another possible source is paintball suppliers. I see one near Los Cedros (Gotcha Cedros), so will give them a try, too.



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