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Seeking tutor - daytime caregiver - 2 boys 8 & 9 - Ajijic

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I am trying to help a Mexican family to find a good tutor capable of teaching the boys to read and write and do math. The emphasis is on reading. If the teacher can instruct English, that's a bonus. The papa, a single parent, is a good friend of mine and working partner. 

They have had a number of setbacks. Along with all local kids missing school due to covid, the 9 year old boy was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (severe bone cancer) and his entire leg was amputated to save his life. You can imagine what a blow this was for all. The boy, his dad and uncle spent a month in Guadalajara in hospital and the younger boy had to float between baby sitters. I would like to help them out as best I can. My (un)talents in Spanish prevent the teaching role.

The boys also require a daytime caregiver while dad works. The uncle is presently fulfilling this but needs to return to work. The best scenario is if the tutor and caregiver were one and the same person, however 2 individuals is acceptable. This is for the Ajijic area. Wages negotiable. 

If anyone knows of individuals thus talented or has advice, please send me a private message or email me at thegoodjob@hotmail.com (use subject tutor)
I have asked the moderator to lock this post from receiving comments.
Thanks in advance.
~ Tim

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