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Looking for recommendations on wrought iron fence build and install...

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We need a railing approximately 10 meters long for our patio... Would appreciate recommendations on quality of work and install.

Thanks in advance...

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José Luis Hernández  Shop is in San Antonio near corner Ramón Corona and the street that comes down from Sunrise Restaurant corner.    Has done EXCELLENT work for us in 4 houses including this new one, including a really creative solution to a cat enclosure problem.  Did some VERY decorative screen doors in 2 previous houses that required skill and ingenuity. Speaks reasonable English.  Uses whatsapp    or   cell calls.   333 465 5175  Goes by El Vaquero.

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Here is some of the work this metal shop did on our house. They have also done some less fancy wrought work in our courtyard and other small repairs. located down that street just east of Intercam/OXXO. 331-424-7687. One of them does speak English.

window 1.jpg

doors bare.jpg

doors zx.jpg

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A big thanks to Natasha and Bianca for recommending Jose Hernandez... He did an excellent job. I would highly recommend him!

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