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Need a Covid booster that isn't a booster.

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I received my first two Covid shots in the U.S.

Now I need/want a booster in Mexico and can mix and match with Astrro Zenica. Problem is that I'm not in the Mexican system, so this would be my first shot here.

What would be my best course to get the needed shot?



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My experience with the 'booster' in Mexico that it is a full shot. When I received my 'booster', AstraZenica the people who were getting their second shot and the people for a booster were all together.  I agree with the first person and say it is your first shot.  Your will still have to have all the paperwork.


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The booster only means another regular shot that will reinforce your immune system , it is not a special shot so quit overthinking the whole thing get your first shot in Mexico and when you feel you want another booster claim it as what ever number you need to claim it to receive it.. It is not complicated.

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