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Looking for someone who can clean and/or repair wall clocks

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We have several old European wall clocks that need a good cleaning and adjustment. Is there anyone locally who can do this or is this a Guadaljara adventure?

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There WAS a thread on tuning and repairing old clocks and links were given to a place in Guadalajara whose repair person will come and pick it up, repair it then bring it back. I've tried every which way to find that thread and have given up. In the thread, Daniel Jackson was also mentioned.

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DUH. I was looking on the wrong forum. THANKS zipit!

Post by ferret Thu Dec 13, 2018 2:03 pm
This is thread that you're looking for...
And, out of that thread... You're looking for :
Relojeria Omega
Jose Gomez Martinez, Technical Expert
Pedro Loza No. 315 S.H
Tel 3614 2665
But please read the whole thread for your own satisfaction. It was a pleasure to read responses from David and know that he lives on in his past posts.


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