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long lease rental from october 31

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I have a 6 month rental from may 1 to october 31 - am looking for a 2 bed 2 bath furnished rental for a long term lease starting november 1 within a 20 minute walk or so to ajijic.  will be checking once I get to Ajijic but if anyone knows of an upcoming rental, would appreciate any info.  thanks.  

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Once you get there and get settled in you'll have more information about just where you want to settle down long-term and.... time to wander around and find that place at the best time of the year to secure it.... low season. And the bonus is that you'll learn just how the various sections of Lakeside, micro and macro, are put together.

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1 hour ago, Cronopio said:

Dottiejane - I´m sending you a message about a possible place.

martha - the email address you sent me for barbara din't go through - i tried twice jus to make sure Ihad it correctly - maybe if she wants she could emiail me at revdorth@gmail.com - thanks.  d

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