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Hand held gizmo.

Speak your language and it comes our in a language you have chosen.

May have ability to take earbuds.

has anyone used/tried these?

Would really help me.

Have you had any experience(s) with these?



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Those are pretty much obsolete, now that Google translate can be installed on your phone.

Make sure you download the appropriate dictionaries so you can use it without an Internet connection.

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I don't think that is helpful. He isn't just looking for a Spanish English online translator. He has mentioned before that he is hard of hearing. He wants to be able to speak in English and have a voice translator in Spanish, I think.

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Google translate on your phone can be used in offline mode if you download the appropriate dictionaries. It can listen to a conversation and speak the translation.

You can take a picture of a sign, and it will show you the translation, overlaid over the original picture.

I'm pretty sure it would do what the OP asked.


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