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US taxes via Turbotax - anyone successfully dowloaded the software?

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I am trying to download Turbotax from my Windows PC, and nothing works.  ( I have done it successfully for the past 15 years, so don't know what is going on this year)

spent two hours with Turbotax customer service on the phone - no success

tried to download it from Costco.com - order paid and taken, but one minute later got email saying 'order cancelled"

tried via OfficeMax.com and  at the end of providing the info requested online, it stopped taking further info .

tried via Amazon.com and  when going to click on placing the order - I get a screen saying "something wrong, try sometime later", other times via amazon.com it says "some products are not always available, and cannot place the order.


I also tried a couple of items using a VPN (Tunnelbear), and similar outcomes.

Any one who actually downloaded it from Mexico, that has a recommendation - Please advise.

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I used it for this year's taxes with no problems. Stupid question, but did you go straight to the site? You open an account with them and then do the taxes, print, etc, I don't think there was any downloading involved since you're doing it through their site. Sorry if I'm missing anything obvious since I'm a technodino.

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I use it every year and have downloaded it both through a VPN and direct on TelMex.  

Are you using the newest Windows 11 by any chance?

Can you download it to another computer and then transfer it using a portable drive?

I bought it through Amazon U.S.

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I have used it for too many years to remember. Every year they send me the automatic renewal. The free site will work for simple returns, but if you have reportable dividends and stock transactions you will need the pay to use program. Download in Mexico has never a problem. 

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I have used the download version (for the reasons Mostlylost mentioned) for decades, including the last five years here in Mexico. I only download directly from TurboTax or from my bank (USAA). Never had a problem.

Here are some possible issues you could be experiencing:

-- Out of date MS Windows operating system

-- Poor internet connection making the download sites "drop out"

-- Pay issues (using a Mexican credit card with a US site or vice versa)

-- VPN issues (I turn mine off for download).


I hope this helps; good luck!

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I finally got it to work and successfully downloaded the software - IT WAS ABSOLUTELY NOT INTUITIVE.

I ended up with the Best Buy website,  where it was ordered and billed to my US card with a US address.  I did have to clear all history and cookies in the browser, and then Best Buy  transfere to the Intuit website for the download - again NOT INTUITIVE, , and eventually I could dowload Turbotax and  install it in my PC.  Teh whole thing took a bit over an hour - very frustrating, but eventual success.

An impossible task for someone who is not technically knowledgeable.  It was not this way in all prior years, ehen it was only a couple of clicks away.

Anyways - mission finally accomplished

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