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Stone veneer on inside walls of a house

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What is the impact of having stone veneer on the inside walls of a house here Lakeside? The walls are brick and the stone veneers would be in the living room and bedrooms. Does it make a room feel colder in the cooler months of Nov-Jan? Or does the thermal mass (the ability of a material to absorb, store and release heat) of the stone veneer make it feel warmer inside in the cooler months? what about in the hotter months of Apr-May: cooler or warmer? Thanks.

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Should have minimal impact.  We have a south facing wall, very thick, definitely makes things warmer at night IF the day has been sunny.  Adding to the thermal mass of the wall tends to increase the time lag effect as the wall warms and cools but since you already have a brick'/plaster wall I doubt it would be noticeable except to improve the thermal time lag slightly.


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