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Telmex Out ?

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Our home/landline in Chula Vista is out and I have tried others (using my cell phone) in the Fracc. AND one other in Ajijic and none of the calls go through.

Any one else ?


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I live in upper Ajijic, above the last light going West (Juarez) and I am connected right now to the internet on my Telmex telephone line and just phoned Seattle using Telmex phone. Everything is working here. I hope you get your service back soon  :) .

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I think my land line could be out of service for months and I might not notice. Who uses land lines any more? Haven't had one in two decades... 🤔

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We still have our "Land Line" number from over 30 years ago when we lived in Houston. We switched it to a VOIP number many years ago in Ajijic when that technology became available and still have it here, now on Ooma. After you buy the equipment the only monthly charge is whatever the state tax is on that number, which I assume is still under $5/Mo. although I haven't checked that number in a long time. Cell phone numbers come and go but friends and family still have our old number. It even forwards to both of our cell phones. The only thing missing is no texting to or from that number.

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My experience with Telmex line in Ajijic and Chapala has very different reliabilities.

In Ajijic, after a big haggle, I was able to get Telmex upgraded from a noisy 5Mbps-ish DSL into a very reliable 40-to-60Mbps DSL connection.  It almost never goes out now.   I visited the Telmex office literally 4 times to essentialy egg them on.  I think they were getting tired of this computer tech (me) and found it cheaper to just fix the line with a fresh wire. 🙂

(The next renters of the place -- friends of ours -- are thankful.  They say they haven't noticed it going out during the times they used it, except during power blackout)

Here in Chapala, I've got a very spotty 30/5 Mbps Telmex connection that goes out several times a day, despite being between 1-2 block from the Malecon. 

But I got Totalplay fiber-to-the-home installed and chose the symmetric 100/100 plan.   I've got the ability to switch it 10 minutes to gigabit, or a symmetric 500/500 connection, just by chatting Totalplay via WhatsApp for a live speed change (and bill change).   

Our new house came with a landline with Telmex DSL activated.  But now that we've switched to TotalPlay while still paying for the Telmex bill as a backup, I'll probably be in @dixongeposition of not noticing my landline going out, since I might use it only once a month (or less).   

The "computer technician way" in Lakeside is to always have a backup -- two Internet connections.  If Totalplay stays reliable, I might ever not failover to Telmex, and thus, I'll never notice my Telmex backup going out.  My other techie friends in the area seems to do this -- but then again these are my friends in the age of 30s, 40s and early 50s, rather than full-time retirees -- I noticed this "have-an-idling-backup" technique is not as common amongst retirees.   It's a super-cheap $25 Internet "insurance policy" to just keep paying the good 'ol unused Telmex bill.  It's easy to not notice your backup going out, if you're not using the backup. 

I might get a "dual-WAN" router (one WiFi router that's connected to two internet services at the same time) so that I have automatic failover. 

The Dual-WAN automatic failover arrangement requires 3 routers (a TotalPlay router with WiFi intentionally turned off and a Telmex router with WiFi intentionally turned off) connected to a 3rd router you purchase separately (Amazon/MercadoLibre/local store).  That 3rd router becomes the "main" WiFi router for the house. 

Someone I know is doing dual-WAN with TotalPlay and Telmex simultaneously on one WiFi name (SSID) and it works great for them.

Less hair pulling if one of the two disconnects!

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