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Competent and compassionate doctor needed

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A friend of ours needs a doctor with these qualities who is good at diagnosing specific issues.  She has been to a number of doctors with no relief and is desperate for help.  If you have a referral for a doctor that may be able to help this lady, we would be so grateful.  Thank you in advance.

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There so many opinions and options about Local Medical Care. Probably more than other communities due to the Large older Expat Community. We certainly have lots of Medical personnel of every type.

I myself had asked your question and was given his name. I either couldn't get a good diagnosis or I had several and they conflicted

I have been here quite awhile I'm older and I have seen a lot of Doctors here. It's strange but I've had issues without even knowing and this Doctor has determined medical issues with me through only personal observation even when it wasn't his specialty. Clues. He has shown an uncanny ability of observation and he has been 100% correct on different occasions. He caught things I wasn't even asking about. So a good diagnostician. He is a very knowledgeable doctor. And on things I have asked about, knock on wood, he has been able to take care of it or tell me who could. So far he hasn't been wrong. He is American went to Medical school in Guadalajara. His name is Dr. Sam Thelin. You can find his office info on Google Maps just search his name or his website drthelin.com. 

Hope things can work out wherever you go. best of luck

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Dr. Jessica Flores, general practitioner. Both my husband and I have been her patients for years. Speaks English.

Practices in Ajijic on Guadalupe Victoria near the Plaza Bugainvilla mall. Guadalupe Victoria 101C

Phone: 331 050 4287



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I have heard really good things about Dr. Sam Thelin and liked dealing with him several years ago when he worked at Cruz Roja.  He fits the competent and compassionate criteria.

A second doctor I would recommend is Dra Justina Lopez.  Although she is a regenerative and rehabilitative specialty, she is fabulous at diagnosing conditions and also can refer you to the right people if she feels you need further expertise in an area.  She is on the lakeside service road of the Carretera in West Ajijic, just west of Dental Express.

Her phone number is 376- 766- 5563.  

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I vote also for Dr. Sam.

I had a terrible experience with one "specialist" at Ajijic hospital 2 years ago.

I was told he spoke conversational English; HE DIDN'T.

I had a single question about a fluoroscope and what it will visualize. It was a simple "Yes" or "No" question.

I asked the question and he pulled out a model or arteries that showed how plaque is formed. I said I knew all that and slowly repeated my question. He still didn't understand. 

I paid $500.00 ( even though the board at the desk said $400.00 and left.

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