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1 hour ago, oregontochapala said:


Contact info easy to find on Google

I looked up ViLuMa on Google and noticed some comments on Chapala.com from people who have used them:


Almost all the comments were about poor service, repeated no shows, inaccurate measurements, etc. The comments were from people on this web board whose opinions I respect, not just curmudgeons. However, the comments were from several years ago (2018). Has anyone had more recent experience with this outfit, since it is possible they have straightened themselves out? Or possibly other suggestions of companies in Ajijic/San Antonio area?

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The information about Las Salvias is in the link that you found. I think Jaime is retired now, at least not taking any more measurements. I had two iron doors replaced this past fall with twelve panes of glass in each. I called Jaime but he sent someone else to do the measurements. Glass was installed to perfection. Jaime is a very good organizer but everyone's eyes can fail them when they get older.

I suggest you give both companies a try. Whoever you feel most comfortable with will be your choice.

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