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Heading to Austin, TX - Cross at Laredo or Pharr?


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When I travel north, I cross at Columbia, west of Laredo, and then double back to interstate 35 for San Antonio, etc.

The reason is that I've run into so much delay at Laredo, hours of it. Although out of the way, the Columbia crossing usually has a lot less traffic.

p.s. Edit to mention that I haven't crossed the border for some years now. It may be worse or better.

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Definitely Laredo over Pharr but when traveling to the Austin area I’ve found that an overnight stop at the Monterrey MX airport offers some advantages. There are many hotels to choose from and it is only an extra 15 minute drive once passing the Hwy 85 intersection heading to Laredo on the Monterrey periferico.

The next morning it’s about a 2 hour drive to Nuevo Laredo. Using a cell phone you can check the Bridge II webcam to see if there are a lot of cars waiting. Then double check the border wait time site. It is more direct to cross at Bridge II than driving to Columbia so if the wait is minimal continue to NL. If the border is backed up take the Hwy 2 exit to Columbia.

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