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Kudos to Home Decor LIghting store in Riberas

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Monday morning  light fixture over kitchen sink died. Hubby discovered fault was ancient wiring had cracked and given  up the ghost. Problem?  The  inside ceramic part that you screw the light bulb into, and that has wires coming out the back to connect to power was NOT "normal".... in that the wires could not be drawn out and changed (apparently the usual case?). Anyway, he walked, then drove, to 4 different ferreterias Monday. NOBODY could help.  We were on the point of thinking might have to buy new one but that idea came with own set of issues (only relevant to this house).

Today I loaded up ALL the bits belonging to the entire fixture and went to the store noted. Sr. Luis Horacio took one look, asked someone to bring him something, sat at his desk and took apart some other necessary  connections, put in the new identical  part, fixed the whole thing like new.... and charged me a whopping 30 pesos!  Plus we had a nice chat while he worked. 😄

So for those who live in older houses (this one 32) give him a try before you resort to more costly solutions.

And the moral of this story? Never send a man to do what a woman can do better!   LOL LOL LOL

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