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Smoked Eel for Sushi?


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Saw my regular guy from the wonderful seafood shop on the west side of Ajijic but he was waving me into the seafood shop on the Carretera between Colon and Juarez. He told me they'd closed the seafood shop west of town and he'd started working at the one in Ajijic.

While talking with him, I mentioned we planned to make some sushi rolls this weekend and I normally bought smoked eel from his old place. Asked the current guy but he said he couldn't get it.

Anyone know if I can find some smoked eel, locally?  I know where I can get it in GDL but not worth the drive just for that.

Sorry to learn that seafood shop west of Ajijic has closed, it was my favorite.  :(

Thanks, in advance.

Val. :)

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Sadly, yes. I have enjoyed wonderful seafood from them for many years.  :(


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The last couple of times I was at the west Pacifico place they didn’t have any whole fresh fish you could pick from.  Only fillets. And some things we bought before were not available and they couldn’t tell me when they would get the items in. I haven’t seen any people in there for a while.  I don’t know what happened. Perhaps different management but business just went down. 

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