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Moderna in Guadalajara?

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Yes, please!!! If anyone knows about a Moderna option, I'm up for my booster after Feb. 11th and after 2 Astra Zeneca, would really like a Moderna. I, too, am trying to avoid a trip NOB for the Moderna booster.

Stay safe and healthy!

Val. :)

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I am interested in Moderna because Angela Merkel, then President of Germany, was advised to get Astrazeneca with a second shot of Moderna. I have no idea if she had a booster.

I sort of understand the social democrat thinking in Mexico, to get everyone vaccinated, rich or poor. The middle class and wealthy would deplete the vaccines quickly. But releasing to the open market, as the U.S. had done, got the country widely vaccinated, fast. To line up 4hrs in the sun, for a "free" shot, which at wholesale is $5 a dose, then throw in mass confusion, chronic disorganization, and a faulty computer system, is not a winning plan.

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11 hours ago, mexijims1 said:

If you are concerned about Omicron, none of the vaccines will prevent you from getting it.  However, it will give you a lighter case of it.



Not quite true. The vaccines average a round 40% not getting Covid at all, nearly 60% having a milder case and a small percentage needing hospitalization. 

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