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Drivers license renewal

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Here are the websites to make an appointment for the test for AUTOMOVILISTA NUEVA and get your docs. 
You need to make payment beforehand, and can do it at a bank…there’s a clave number that is printed on the wall of the motor vehicle place, along with the requirement and fee. You can also complete this form, which will generate the payment form you print and take to the bank. Adults 60+ with CURP and INAPAM get 50% discount. It is 50% discount of $792 (I believe 2022 is the same cost as 2021.)
Here is where you print your CURP (if you don’t have the newer 8 1/2 x 11 full-page format, which went into effect in Jan of 2020.) https://www.gob.mx/curp/
This is the website with the requirements; take original and photocopy of each of these: CURP, proof of address, payment receipt, blood type, official photo ID, permanente/temporal/INE.
Once you fill out the page from the citas link below, it should open to the calendar so you can select your appointment date and time. The location is the small street just north of the Chapala yacht club, east of the malecón and where the Feria Maestros de Arte was held for several years. Go to that door, look to your left and there is a small street. The motor vehicles place is about 100 feet northwest; there is parking to the right.
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