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Medical Alert Bracelet, and any Lakeside?

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I don't know if this helps or not, but if you have the time to order online, Roadid.com is a good one. Mine have lasted for years. I also found one with a mx address (don't know if it actually is) that does the same, https://www.ninelife.mx/products/red-silicone-sport-medical-alert-id-bracelet-incl-6-lines-of-custom-engraving-choose-your-color?gclid=CjwKCAiAxJSPBhAoEiwAeO_fP_gEdPhd5cXX9qmZJZ7QR1nsY5ScSsEYiP4DQ-srTimSCVIqqoh3jBoCcccQAvD_BwE

Heck, I'm glad you brought it up because mine are finally showing wear and it's time to get new ones.


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I got my medic alert bracelet on eBay.  It was engraved with my specific info such as blood type (rare,) allergies, and diabetic info as well as an emergency number to call.  It's stainless steel and is good looking.

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