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Vaccination Cetificates Invalid

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On 1/16/2022 at 11:41 AM, ARIBOY said:

Is there a official Goverment certificate for the Booster shot ?

the official Mexico certificate with the QR code  includes the first and second shot, but  now that Mexico offers the option of a booster, is there an official certificate for that ? 

As several countries now require proof of the booster, how is Mexico handling it - any one knows for sure ?  If so how where to get it ??

I just checked as I got my booster in December; We were told in Joco that it would take time to get them into the system;

nothing on the website yet - https://cvcovid.salud.gob.mx/?fbclid=IwAR1EHobQcXLNg2dzTOg0vDfpZkVgHKR446moOIwtYCTXRUcqAtNisZHJoy0

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My wife just returned from Germany.  She traveled from USA to Germany  and from Germany to Mexico.  When arriving in Germany they could not open her QR code since their scanner would only read EU QR codes.  They looked at her paper CDC shot record and Mexican passport and knew she had a QR record even though they could not read it and she had a paper covid test result so they let  her in.  Later in Germany, she had another covid test and now she had on her phone a current covid test they could read.  When she went to restaurants she showed her Mexican passport, the paper CDC shot record and they could look at her current EU QR code for covid test.   She did not have problem getting in stores and restaurants.  All the stores and restaurants checked the people before they let them in.  Coming back she had to get a new one day covid test because her connecting flight was in Dallas.  




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Even in Mexico the QR code will only take you the the website where you go to check your vaccination status if you have signed up.  That website is often not available at the moment and you have to enter your CURP number if it is working and then sometime in the future (5 minutes or all day...) they email you back with a link to get the info.  All this is not something anybody anywhere is able to do in a timely manner.  The Mexican system is not designed to function well except with a paper copy in hand and within Mexico.  If you travel anyplace else I'd suggest you do a little research first before actually traveling.  I was recently told that currently in France you can pay about 50.00 USD at a pharmacy and they will provide you with a France approved vax pass on your phone that will let you travel and enter places freely if the pharmacy sees all of your paper documents and all seems to be in order.


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In France things are about to change again. Yes the pharmacy will do that right now. Actually you could get by with your certificates without paying the 45 euros until December.. That is why travelling is a nightmare, things keep changing at the drop of a hat and if you travel from one country to another  it is really crazy. I think they just voted that only the vaccinations certificates will be valid, no more sanitary pass any longer or PCR tests... Of course there are phony passes... the antivax go to a friendly nurse or doctor to get the vaccine, the vaccine get thrown out and the certificate with the vaccine number gets registered. It is such a waste of vaccine,..

The wife of someone we know paid 2000 euros for that phony certificate.. did not tell anyone, got covid, told the hospital she was vaccinated and was administered the treatment for the vaccinated patients and died.. Nw the husband who was vaccinated and did not know about the scam, he says, is suing the people who sold that certificate.. What a waste of time...

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Your CURP # has your birthdate as part of the #;  Perhaps an explanation of the CURP #  

  • The first surname's initial and first inside vowel;
  • The second surname's initial (or the letter "X" if, like some foreign nationals, the person has no second surname);
  • The first given name's initial;
  • Date of birth (2 digits for year, 2 digits for month, and 2 digits for day);
  • A one-letter gender indicator (H for male (hombre in Spanish) or M for female (mujer in Spanish));
  • A two-letter code for the state where the person was born; for persons born abroad, the code NE (nacido en el extranjero) is used;
  • The first surname's first inside consonant;
  • The second surname's first inside consonant;
  • The first given name's first inside consonant; and
  • One character ranging from 0-9 for people born before 2000 or from A-Z for people born since 2000; this is generated by the National Population Registry to prevent identical entries.
  • Control digit, which checks the validity of the previous 17 digits
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this may have the birth day in the code but do not expect other countries to try to decipher the birth rate inbedded in a number.. Maybe you can show the birth date from an id or the passport.. Forget about Mexico doing something different. Does the visa have a curp and a birth date, maybe that would help..

The INE shows the curp and a birth date next to the photo.. what does the visa card show?


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BMH is correct.  What good is it if WE know that the CURP information contains our birthdate BUT no other countries can access the information in your CURP via your QR code?   WORTHLESS.


Also, if you read the accurate accounts of what is going on with Omicron, vaccines and boosters do NOT prevent you from getting or SPREADING it.   Countries would be smart to continue to require Covid PCR tests since the vaccination certificate ( even if it was usable) does not mean the person cannot get or spread Omciron.


Complicates life, then Mex. govt complicates it further !  

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Several people in my family got covid twice.. We do not know which variant because in France they say ig is tol expensive to check it every time  .All of them.are vaccinated 

So much for being immune after vaccines or getting covid. None of them were sick enough to go to the hospital . 

One clusin got covid..the a year later got vaccinated and 4 mlnths later gog covid and that second covid   who way worse than the first lne.. Go figure..

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On 1/26/2022 at 12:48 PM, bmh said:

yes but who would want to go there?? 😄

I would, not only because it's a very nice place to visit, but I have many friends and relatives there. Their COVID situation is no better or worse than anywhere else. 

Why the snarky remark? Have you ever been there?

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The Mivacuan site is very hit and miss. We had our first vaccinations last April and second in June. When I requested the record, both dates were wrong. After multiiple attempts, I was finally able to download a corrected version last week. My wife had her vaccinations at the same time. When she requested her certificate via the website, the date of her first vaccination was incorrect and there was no record of her second vaccination. As of today, nothing has changed with her record. We live in hope!

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