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Costco Lopez Mateos Sunday opening time?

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Can't help you as I never go there Sunday as it is a zoo. Monday it opened at 9:45. They set up a shorter quicker line for those not going to the bakery which I have never seen before. 

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Supposed to be 9am but with COVID 10, call them as they will know more than someone here

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20 hours ago, adolphsj said:

Dan, we only go there on Sundays.  They post 10:00 but always open the door and let people in a little before that, 09:45-09:55.  So the line that forms outside starts moving about 09:50….

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks for the information.

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That way you can get done and get out sooner.  

They opened right around 9:45.  We got there at 9:30 and were in the first 20 in.

They put the condiments back out for hot dogs at the deli.

No more Pizza Italiano, either in the back or at the deli.

Busy but not crazy this morning.


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