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Raucadora (sp?) in Jocotepec not working today

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I went to pay for the yearly tag for my car today in Jocotepec but they weren't doing it today. 4 workers just sitting around. (computers or website not working?). They said manana.

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1 hour ago, oregontochapala said:

Three Kings day.

I wonder as they were in the office doing nothing. If it was a holiday they would be home or shopping. To celebrate they usually have a special meal at home including a Rosca de Reyes. 

"How to Celebrate Three Kings Day or Epiphany.
  1. Set Out Snacks. The three kings rode to Bethlehem on camels, so the night before the holiday, children set out grass or other snacks for them. ...
  2. Gather With Family. For many families, Three Kings Day is as big of a celebration as Christmas Day. ...
  3. Give Gifts. ...
  4. Make Sweet Bread." It was the day we took down our Xmas tree. 

    "Is Epiphany a business day?

    Epiphany is not a public holiday. Businesses have normal opening hours."

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The Jocotopec office was working today. They said there was a problem with the sysem yesterday.

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