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We live east of Chapala (and past Vista del Lago) in Tlachichilco. TelMex is our current internet provider and we've had enough. It was only "okay" in the past but over the past couple months service sucks (that's a technical term, lol). Recent TelMex speed tests using their own online program identify our download speed at 1.6 Mbps (they advertise 20 Mbps) and Upload 0.2 Mbps!! That is not a lie, I took pictures and brought them to TelMex. After a few visits to TelMex Ajijic finally a tech came out and said that was the average for the area and maybe try TelCel. I've heard it works out this way so might be the only answer for now.

Totalplay is not out this far, Spyder doesn't work out here and not sure I want to give Elon Musk $110 USD/mo. for Starlink.

If we're forced into TelCel what office would you recommend? I've heard Ana's name mentioned before but lately more poor than good comments.

Feliz Ano Nuevo!

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