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Costco Not Respecting New IVA Laws

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8 hours ago, lakeside7 said:

If Costco or any other store wishes to recoup the 16% on their "old" stock...then just add 16% to the unit price and recoup the tax paid.....a no brainer..I am willing to bet the prices will be raised regardless of the 16% IVA

That was my initial reaction when I started reading this thread. Nothing to prevent them from raising their prices. I've been buying my Purina canned dog food at Pet Avenue because their price per can is cheaper than anywhere else, same as case price. Be interesting to see if it changes.

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According to one of the news articles referenced above, businesses can receive a credit for the VAT they have already paid for these goods or request a refund of the VAT accrued.  Therefore, there would be no need to boost their prices for that.

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As promised, following up. Auto-reply from Costco said 24 hours. Still nada at 40.... reminder sent. 800 number NEVER not busy. Did what was left to me.

1.  Tried to talk on phone to Televisa (Guad AND Mexico city). Newsrooms were always too busy to answer.

2.  Have now sent emails to Televisa and heraldobinario, and left voice message at Milenio news room line (ref: the links) ... asking in all cases they follow up their stories with ALL big companies, but these 2 in particular, because they're taking advantage and are in non-compliance with Federal law that was in no way a surprise. Emphasized this hurts Mexicans trying to feed themselves, never mind their pets, these days.

Results IF they happen.  Meanwhile always remember.... it is NEVER good to piss off old people with too much time on their hands!  😾😾😾


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On 1/5/2022 at 5:51 PM, gringohombre said:

When you say PetPlace, do you mean the one in Riberas next to the vet...the one with the cats for adoption?

Pet Place is on the Libramiento;


On 1/5/2022 at 9:00 PM, ibarra said:

No.  PetPlace is closer to Chapala.  Mountain side, just past GDL Farmacia.  You are thinking of the Animal Shelter next to Ladron Vets. 

Pet Avenue is near Farm Gdl & Hotel Montecarlo;

Lakeside Friends of the Animals aka Riberas Pet Store is next to Ladron's and has the cat shelter

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And so it goes...... PHONE call received from somebody somewhere at Costco. She insisted that "processed" pet food was NOT exempt under the new laws. I countered with "agree re: treats, biscuits, etc. but  not kibble" and read her relevant parts from several reports (links earlier). We agreed she would send me an email with their justification. That was early  Friday afternoon.  To date.... nada.

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Yesterday a friend bought lots of canned cat food at Pet Avenue in Chapala.  NO IVA charged!!

If they know about it, so should others. As I said before..... print out some of the links I posted earlier and carry them around with you.  Enough pressure and those who are trying to weasel out of this will be forced to comply. Or stay quiet and let them put the "false" IVA in their own greedy pockets.

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2 hours ago, mudgirl said:

Handing them flyers is not how to get them to comply. The place to report this is to Profeco.

Printed newspaper reports are not exactly "flyers: But yes... agree may have to get PROFECO involved. Just not ready to go that route if , to paraphrase, "many voices can make things work".

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